Life – It’s a Tough Lesson

It’s a tough lesson
So many dreams and beliefs
Lie shattered
Hearts broken
Ideas strewn around
Like debris from a crash

You believed, naively,
In what you were told
We all did
That’s what youth is
And then reality starts
And down the dreams come
First one falls to the ground
And then another
And that’s when you hit
The danger zone
Bitterness sets in
Anger takes over
You believed it all
And now you feel cheated

But here is the thing my friend
Now is the time to question
Everything you were told
And all you came to believe
Look into the heart
The soul of life
Ask deeper and deeper questions

The difference between
The downcast and the warrior
Is a change in perspective
The warrior takes their pain
Their suffering
And transforms it
They release the inner victim
To fly into the heavens
The warrior stops trying
To be someone
Other than who they are
They embrace brokenness
As a gift

It’s a tough lesson
But when you drop
All expectations
And just allow it to be
Whatever it is
You become noble and true
Like a blade
Forged on the anvil
Of disappointment
And broken dreams.

Divine Dance of Form

I have felt the sun rise
Inside my own body
Felt the waning moon
Weeping in my heart
I have had planets
And constellations
Of wild energy systems
Circulating up my spine
The whole universe
Has been inside me
And I have been
Inside the universe

But then something changed
And a new kind of peace arrived

Now I no longer know
Or care
Which is which
Or what is what

For all division
Between this and that
Between inside and outside
Between me and the vast
Has dissolved

There is only one thing
One intelligence
Emerging into form
As many
And disappearing
Back into itself
It is almost impossible
For the mind to grasp
But if you get just a hint
Of what I mean
It will be enough.

Photo by Billy Huynh on Unsplash

Fall Into Grace

Though our time here is brief
And we are governed by the cruel hand
Of inevitability
It only takes a moment
A pause in the momentum of mind
To catch a glimpse of eternity
There, in the space between in breath
And out breath

Is the freedom we seek

There is a part of us
That is eternal
Call it soul, spirit or true nature
When we forget our essence
We feel so incredibly alone
And separate
In time and space

Yet all it really takes
Is a simple stop
For us to open the door
And fall in to grace.

We Became God but…

A mighty wave crashed
In our quadrant
Of the universe
A wave of energy
A galactic pulse
Of unknown origin
That rippled into eternity
Broke through the space time continuum
Disappeared into a vortex
And reappeared in another dimension
To say it was unspeakably mind shattering
Would not do it justice

Few people on earth noticed
Or cared
They were busy on Instagram
Posing for selfies
Or fighting
Looking down
Face down
Head down
Consciousness lost in form
Distracted and mesmerized

It’s understandable of course
Life demands our full attention
And swallows up all our awareness
And we forget our true nature
We forget where we came from
We forget our cosmic roots
Our star past

And we imagine we are separate
From all creation
How alone are we humans
Cut off from life by the very mind
That can bear witness to life
Our gift is our curse
While we remain in the sleep state
In truth
Conditioning is our curse
For it blinds us and blinkers us
And imprisons us
Convincing us we are separate
And above all creation
We became god
But we can’t handle the responsibility

So when the mighty wave sweeps through the universe
We miss it
Or just don’t feel it
Or ignore it
And carry on pretending
Everything is normal
When clearly it is not.


The End of the Guru and the Return of God

God has come down from on high
And now sits quietly
In surrender
Inside the wounds
In sorrow and in defeat
All elevation gone
Almighty now the lowly one
Buried in the dirt of the broken
Down amongst the slaves
The pedestal lies abandoned
Shattered into a million pieces
By endless betrayal
Man sold you God
In his own image
And now He is dead
‘It’s a suicide, They cried.
‘God is dead!’ They wailed.

No, God has returned
To true home inside
The humble heart
God was never a man
Never a guru
Never religious
Never almighty
Never on a pedestal
God was stolen
From inside each of us
Throughout history
Stolen from ordinary humble heart
Of each human being
Woman and man alike

And now His story is over
Thus and thus
There is no need for the Guru any longer
For God can come home
Without us seeking and searching
For something we imagine
We don’t have.

The Real Warriors Are Those Who Keep Beauty Alive

This love I speak
The beauty and compassion
All this tenderness
Does not mean my life
Is perfect
And problem free
It doesn’t mean life
Is easy or effortless
Oh no
Life is life
Always there are things
Difficulties, issues
Challenges and unexpected troubles
The world of form is troublesome
By its very nature

It takes a certain courage
And daring
To always turn towards tenderness
To consciously choose love and beauty

But I have seen the face of darkness
I seen where hatred leads
And the prison of righteousness
I know my responsibility
To not add one more drop of suffering
To a world of suffering
To not add one more bolt of thunderous fury
To a world of hatred and fear
I will not do it

I will turn, again and again,
To beauty, to love, to compassion
For without those we are nothing
Without those the human experiment
Has failed

The real warriors are those
Who keep beauty alive.


When the Heart of the Earth Dweller is Closed

I have one foot in the other world
And one in this
I cannot quite make my home here
Drawn as I always am to the deeper realms
And the higher heavens
And yet there is something
Attractive and mesmerizing about this existence
And something for me to do here
Love, simple joy, compassion for suffering
The only things that have substance
Are what I have discovered
Amidst the debris of the human condition
The jewels in the coal mine

And while I have breath left
And some remaining energy
In these wearying bones
I will talk of love
And offer humility
To all the arrogance
Offer great love where there is only fear
And sing the song of compassion
To those on earth
Who are alone and afraid
Confused or tortured

When the heart of the earth dweller is closed
No life can really pour through them
They are like the walking dead
The task is to open up one’s own heart
And then turn attention
To everyone else’s.