secret power

we each have a secret power
for many it may lie dormant and untouched
their whole life
yet still it lies there
a gift given by
some wondrous intelligence
the same intelligence that
arranges our arrival and departure
to this world

this secret power
could change everything
in a moment
if we all unleashed it
yet it has no weapons
and no money
but still
it is the most powerful force we know

and may well be the stuff of the universe

yet we ignore it,
make it small
own it,
kill for it
bargain with it
and hide from it

this, surely, is man’s travesty
that he is blessed with the power of love
a power so great it creates the universe 
yet he cannot and will not access it
and stumbles around in his smallness
wondering why he feels so very empty.

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love is a key to the door of freedom

in this time of great unease
and madness
only love
has the answer

love is the result
of wisdom
and the cause 
of peace

to forget love
is to forget
our root

love is a key
to the door 
of freedom
once truly felt
and embraced
there is nothing else
worth living for

rumi was right
when he said
‘every moment is made glorious
by the light of love.’

when i take refuge 
in this love
the world disappears
and i am home


you are the poetry

poetry is the day you say yes to life
it is the moment you feel
torn open by love
and shattered by grief
it is being left speechless
in the face of beauty
or tragedy
it is the bewilderment
that strikes
when life is turned
upside down

poetry is what you are

it is a living thing
an expression of essence

you are the poetry
you seek
when you open
a book


love is the power of the universe

Kavi Hockaday-1163 copy
there is something

that people call love
but I’m sorry to say
has nothing to do with love

people live inside their pain
they wrap their wounds
around each other
in a crazy dance
of push and pull
they call love
but is really
the dance of self

there is a love
beyond all that
a love that is 
a state of being
out of which 
all activity arises.

this love doesn’t 
need anything
to be full
it doesn’t wrap anything around anybody
it is whole unto itself
this love is the silent depth
of being
and it cannot be bargained with
or manipulated.

it is not grandiose
or bombastic 
it really is very tender
and gracious
but has the power
of the universe behind it
because it IS the power
of the universe.

let us meet in silence

if we should meet

please do not speak
let us meet in silence
and allow all this
desire for expression
to fall inside
like a weight
falls to the bottom
of the lake
and let us simply
until only stillness
and peace

this is how we will know each other,
through ourselves.

it is said that when two sufis meet
they may not say a word to each other.

never tired of love

i never tire
of love
for this reason

it has a sweetness
and depth
that calms
even the most
stormy sea

it makes
even the driest
gush forth
its quenching tears

love circles everyone
offering itself
but not everyone
drinks from the well

i am one
who saw the spring
and ran towards it
and drank and drank
until the healing waters 
cleansed all the fear
and shame

and now 
i never tire of love
i see it in the face
of all
and in the fabric
of the universe

each day is a blessing with you

each day i spend with you, beloved
is a blessing i carry with me
whether i am having
a good day
or a bad day
makes no difference
still you bring a blessing
of joy to my life

you healed a heart
that had been betrayed
and still believed
in betrayal
your love has
been clean and pure
and drawn out
all the toxic wounds
i carried

you have healed me
back to innocence
and now there is
just this vast appreciation
i have
of each day i spend
walking this human realm
with you
amoda b and w

A Poem From the Master – RUMI

“I wonder about our own world.
I wonder about so many of us, alone.
I wonder about the enmity in our families, anonymity in our workspaces, tension in our communities.
I wonder about war, occupation, poverty, racism.
I wonder if we are willing to commit ourselves to this path — cleansing our hearts of ego, of lust, of anger.
I wonder if we are ready to do so as individuals, do so as communities, do so as nations.
I wonder if we are willing to put our swords back in their sheath.
I wonder if we are ready to look at each other in the eye, and see our own humanity reflected in one another.
If we do. When we do. We would be fully human. And then, just maybe, divinity would be fully present.”
~ Rumi