What Really Matters is Love

We have such a tendency
To get lost in things
That really don’t matter
Except in that precious moment
We get triggered easily
And we get lost, say things we might not mean
Do things we might regret
And we forget what really matters

Ego screams ‘I am what really matters,
I must be right, or wrong, or powerful
I must get what I want beyond anything else.’

But that’s just a petulant child
Having a tantrum

What really matters is found in the deepest
Love’s true and authentic expression and connection
Love is what really matters
And not just a co-dependent kind of love
Not the love that barters with life
But one that is inherently giving not taking
There is an extraordinary power in love
When it is not held in self ownership
The true heroes and heroines of humanity
Are not the conquerers or the kings
But those that have stood up in love
Those that have spread love’s fire
No matter what risk or ridicule

There is world changing power in love
But first we must decide
What really matters.

Image by Daria Głodowska from Pixabay

The Beauty Is In The Deep

Living on the surface of life
All you see are waves
And that’s what you believe
Just the drama and the chaos
The endless crashing
Of wave upon wave
Occasionally calm
Usually tumultuous

But below the surface
Is a whole world of activity
Deeper, more subtle and profound
It goes deeper and deeper
And there are wonders to behold

And this is how we are
The true beauty of us
Is in our depths
Though we have become
Fixated and absorbed
With the drama on the surface

Become a diver
Into your own vast self
Discover your inner world
Your majesty
Your jewels
For they are surely there
In each of us
When we dare to look.

Image by loulou Nash from Pixabay

A Simple Choice, A Lasting Fragrance

No one is better equipped
Or has greater knowledge or power
Than you
To express love or truth
Don’t underestimate yourself

What you give to the world
Can never be erased
It is left as a fragrance
That others may catch
Upon the wind

So we get to choose
What fragrance we leave
Is it love or is it fear
Anger or resentment
Can we become whole
And live as wholeness
And healed-ness
And leave that as a fragrance
For surely we are all
Standing on the shoulders
Of those who came before us
And we are drawn to
Certain fragrances

We must choose wisely
This has nothing to do
With awakening or not
It is a simple choice
Each human being can make
And every saint, sinner and despot
Makes their choice

– Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Union of Heart and Mind

When mind and heart are one
Harmony reigns
When mind and heart are two
Disharmony rules
And battle will unfold
Mind will tyrannize
The inner and outer world
And heart will become
Abandoned and denied
We are in such times as these

The only way is for each of us
To restore the unity
Of heart and mind within
Bring inner harmony to our lives
And share that harmony with others

There is great power
In the union of heart and mind
Do not underestimate it
It could restore the world
To its natural state.

Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay

The River Comes Alive

My purpose is to get
The water flowing again
In your river
To stir you up and prod you
Invite you, beseech you
Squeeze you and tease you
To remember the innocence
You arrived here with
To embrace a deeper and deeper love
To celebrate the beauty of your soul
To fully embrace your human experience
But to live as though you are not time bound
My purpose is to liberate you into freedom
So we can meet and cry and laugh,
Dance and sing, and truly remember ourselves
And everything that is good
Will pour forth
From that frothy, beautiful river
And spread out into the world
As the healing balm it so needs.

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

The Heart Must Open

I woke up this morning
And wanted to write
Something clever and wise
Some great insight
That would strike a chord
In the mind of the one
Who read it

But all I can think about is the heart
And how much love we actually need
And how little of it many of us get
And those thoughts spiraled me downwards
Into the ocean of a kind of grief
Not a sad place
But a true place
A place of love rediscovered
And brought to the parched world

What use is all this
If love is not at the heart of it all
What purpose this life
That we share with others
If love, true love, authentic love,
Is not there, on the table,
Easily seen and openly felt

Have we created a machine-like world
Where love is commodity
A transaction, a thing?

If I have discovered anything
On this long journey of transformation
It is love, pure, honest, simple, open
Real, powerful, compassionate, humble,
Radical, wild, ruthless love
Is the only thing that really matters
And we must do everything we can
To rediscover that love
Lest we wither and perish.

Photo by cyrus gomez on Unsplash

Let Me Speak To The Beauty Within

Let me speak to your dream body
And whisper words of openness
That may awaken it to remember its truth

Let me say things that stir your soul
And remind you of something
Almost forgotten
Become just a faint cry in the distance

Let me speak of beauty and grief
Of sorrow and sadness
But also of joy and love
And rekindle your inner flame
So easily extinguished in this harsh world

That small voice within
Let me encourage it and tug at it
Let me say yes you can
Even amidst the no you cannot

There is so much more to us
Than this superficial living knows
A life that dwells quietly and secretly
Below the surface
Let me speak to that
So it may come alive
And animate your every breath.

Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay