Sun and Moon Nature

The sun doesn’t say to the moon
‘Sometimes you are less than perfect
With this emptying and filling up,
Endless pushing and pulling
And so emotional!’

No, the sun just radiates it’s warmth
And shines anyway
Allowing the moon to be itself

The moon doesn’t say to the sun
‘You are always the same, so predictable,
Even when you are hidden behind clouds
You just radiate the same
Wouldn’t you like to be more like me?’

No, the moon knows it is held by the sun
And that co existence is the key

There is a part of us all
That has its moon nature
Governed by the rising and falling
Emotional and sensitive

But it’s only part of the picture

We have sun nature
That radiates presence
That holds everything together
That allows the coming and going
But doesn’t identify with it

There are many who have not discovered
Their sun nature
And remain mercilessly pulled
By the waves of coming and going

Wisdom lies in knowing, and embodying, both.

Image by Florian Kurz from Pixabay

Dance of the Soul

Let it be like a dance of the soul
This beauty deep within
A celebration that cannot be named
May it include all our grief and joy
All our loved ones will be there
Regret and loss welcomed
Failure will be championed with open arms
Nothing excluded from the party

Just this unknowable dance of the soul
As it weaves its mysterious way to love

We have moments when it all seems so clear
And then we sweep down into confusion
We know life, we can feel its truth within
And then we know nothing
And it all seems so terrible and painful
This is the exquisite and agonizing dance
The dance of opposites
The dance of paradox
The dance of the temporary
Celebrating it all
Even as it hurts so much

There is such beauty in the soul
I have turned towards that beauty
And now I see nothing else.

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

Truly Alive, Naked and Free

You will never know
How much of yourself
You have been giving away

Until you come back to yourself

That’s one of the shocking things
About waking up
You get to see everything
The veil is down
Eyes are wide open
It all becomes visible
All the patterns revealed
All the strategies seen

And suddenly they no longer serve you
And you find yourself naked and free
Naked because there is no need
To cover up who you really are
Free because you are no longer tied
To false beliefs or the imagination
You have seen through the illusion of personality
As the bastion of reality

And thus the game of giving yourself away
Is finished and done.

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

Give Beauty a Voice

I found my purpose
When I fell inside
And stopped looking
I gave up all seeking
Or trying to become someone

And I simply stayed present
And allowed what is already here
To speak itself into form
Thus I discovered my purpose
To say what is here
To give a voice to the beauty
We so easily miss
In all our seeking

Beauty will speak through you also
And when you are no longer restrained
By your own beliefs or any care about convention
You will become that beauty
And your life will be a constant prayer
To the divine

You are beautiful.

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

The Fire Inside You

My friend
I know you also have this fire inside you
I can see it in your eyes
And feel it in your soul
It burns at you
Like it did me
It calls, it shouts, it begs
It nudges, it whispers
You may have tried to ignore it
But you can’t
And then it starts growing
Into everything you are
And everything you do

Take heart traveller
The fire that calls you
Comes from somewhere unknown
No one knows why it calls some
And not others

But this I know to be true
If it calls you, go, don’t hesitate, go
This fire could be the grace of transformation
That gives this mysterious journey meaning
It could even be love itself, who knows

Give yourself to the calling
Again and again
Until there is no more you.

Photo by Meghraj Neupane on Unsplash

The Real Journey Is Inwards

The only thing worthy of pursuit is wisdom
To know thyself intimately
Is to know others intimately
Wisdom allows us to see ourselves
In others, and to see others in us

Knowledge alone cannot bestow wisdom
There must be a journey inside
Into the shadows and the darkness
Where everything that has been left unattended
Must be met and welcomed home

Wisdom is the grail the warrior seeks
It cannot be attained
Without meeting yourself
And letting go of the world

Mind alone cannot reach wisdom
Mind and experience
The putting down of ego’s strategies
And the great descent, and rise,
Into humility
Opens the door to this great chamber

It cannot be reached by looking outwards
But only by the journey inwards.

Image by Matthew Morse from Pixabay

The Day Love Really Began

And finally one day
I was ready to bear
The weight of the world
And to see it was my task
To transform it all to love
When my humility
Outweighed my resistance
I fell to my knees
In a solemn prayer
‘I’m sorry,’ I wept,
‘For abandoning love
And falling into self absorption,
I am sorry.’

In that falling
I remembered
Who I was
And a great and deeper love
Burst forth
So many things ended
That day
And so much really began.