A Real Human Being

If your measure is strong
And you stay present
Whether the wild wind blows
Or the sea storms its froth
If your vision is true
And your heart is noble

If you keep open
When all around you close
And stay humble
When you meet the righteous

If you get up when you fall
And understand
The falling and the rising
If you can see wholeness
In the midst of separation
And love in the face of fear

If you can be equanimous,
Gentle, compassionate and kind
Even as you enter battle

You have become
A real human being.

Photo by Karl Magnuson on Unsplash

Trust Only Silence

Trust only the silence
Out of which everything arises
All this talk about the fire
Does nothing to keep us warm
Only the fire itself can do that

We can talk and talk
About awakening
We can understand the world
And ourselves
Intellectually and philosophically

But only when we fall into the deepest silence
Will we know what anything really is

Let the talking stop now
Aren’t you tired of all the words.

Photo by Niklas Wersinger on Unsplash

The Heart of Everything

First find what love is
Then serve it

The love I speak of
Has nothing to do with things
No objects and no people

The love I speak of
Is the ground of being
The essence of all form
You could call it
The heart of everything
Silence, emptiness, beingness

Falling into love’s truth
Is grace, acceptance and forgiveness,
Not as actions
But as the natural state

So then to serve that love
Is to serve reality
To serve truth
No matter what is found
Or experienced

This is the most profound realization.

Photo by Ileana Skakun on Unsplash

Silence Within

When you listen from silence
You are naturally present
No effort, no trying
Just being

But you must find the deepest silence
And that means going to the core
Down into the darkness
To the emptiness within
From which everything arises

That is the warrior’s journey.

Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

The Garden Within

There is a garden within each of us
Left unattended and neglected
It will wither and perish
Over time it will be overrun by weeds
And slowly it will decay and diminish

We fed this garden naturally
When we were children
We were the garden
And the garden was us
There was no separation

And then life happened
And the garden became neglected
It was forgotten or deemed unimportant

But when the garden is neglected
Joy dies, laughter turns serious
And the innocent celebration of life
Has no place

Feed this garden,
Shower it with attention
Love it, offer it beauty,
Clear out the weeds
Let it breathe again
Do whatever it takes
And, with loving patience,
It will spring back to life
And sweet innocent joy
Will return.

Love Served One Cup at a Time

Love is always here, in great abundance,
A never ending supply, the very fabric of reality

But the water of love must be served
One cup at a time, one person at a time,
One action at a time
Consciously, in small or great ways

Who will say they serve love?
Will you say you put love above all things
Will you say you serve it with all your heart
Not in some religious or pious
Not in a way that looks down on others
But in a way that looks across at itself

Can you say that love is serving itself
Seeing it in others, being it,
Offering it up one cup at a time
That’s what the world needs
From each of us
No more messing about
No more hiding from the glare
No more waiting for the right time
Or the right you, or the right alignment
But simply, through word, deed, and gesture
Through the ordinariness of life
In the heart of the marketplace
In the smallest of interactions
To serve the cup of love
It doesn’t have to be grandiose
It just has to be genuine.

Waking the Sleeping Beauty

Each of us longs for love
It is our secret hidden desire
Not just ordinary love
But the kind of love
That opens doors
That have been closed for so long

We dare not even dream of it
In this cruel and mediocre world
Bereft of its wildness and beauty

We long to receive and give it
We long to walk in it and dance in it
It’s what we are made for
This innocence and openness
It’s the fulfillment of human destiny

I speak of that kind of love
Pure, true, honest, and open love
That lies deep in each of us
Waiting to be awoken

If ever there was a time
To awaken the beauty
That sleeps within
It is now.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


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