This is it
I am leaving wordpress after 5 years of poetry

It has been wonderful
But enough is enough

If you want to stay in touch and follow my poetry
You can find me on substack

My subscription will run until the end of this month and then expire.

Thank you so much for following me, liking my poems and paying some attention.
The poetry is not stopping, only my chosen and preferred platform.
I still do all my poetry free and substack is no different.

So if you fancy continuing the journey jump on.
Otherwise be well and be blessed.

Kavi Jezzie Hockaday

The Reservoir of Grief

Those who do not know
The field of love
At the root of all things
Are suffering greatly
Which is why they create
Torment and argument

There is a grief we all carry
Disowned and denied
It destroys the whole village

Those who can embrace
The full weight of grief
And let it flow into the world
Allow the flowers of joy
To grow in the fertile soil

Control has never been the answer
We live in the unravelling
The days when the old ways are failing
And we must embrace that which has been denied

Everything wants to come home
And the reservoir of grief is overflowing.

Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

The Sacrifice of Self For Love

As experience walking in the unknown
Has cooked me more and more
So my flavor has matured and deepened
I do not say this with any grandiosity
For the cooking itself has dissolved
All pretension and self applaud

The willingness to walk in the fire
To face life openly and tenderly
With no stories or justifications
Turns humiliation to humility
Arrogance to wisdom
Self righteousness to kindness
Fear to love

To enter the freedom of love’s truth
You must be willing
To offer everything to God
Nothing less than totality will do
Nothing kept back in case
No, utterly naked as an innocent child
That’s the way it is

For in that offering of the totality of oneself
There is a transformation
And you are born again
As freedom
As love.

Image by Daniel Reche from Pixabay

My Spirit Stays True

Oh my life has been a warrior’s journey
There have been many battles
All with my own demons
There has been great darkness
I walked through it
Many I have known have fallen
Some by their own hand
I have pressed on
Often wondering why
I have been brought to my knees
Until I stayed there
I have learned humility
And the power of kindness
I chose to persist
Even as mind screamed doom
And I saw the light of love
Somewhere in the distance
And walked towards that light
Until it became me
Now I carry the scars
Of past battles
And a worldly knowledge
Of the patterns of life
But my spirit stays true
Lit as it is by love’s brightness
As it beams out for others
To navigate their way home.

Break the Chain of Unconscious Patterns

We have grown smarter but smaller
As the centuries have rolled by
And we have inherited
So many unconscious patterns
From wounded ancestors
Unable to heal their own trauma
We have grown energetically smaller
We live longer but we have become sicker
Our immune systems are weakened
Our nervous systems are damaged
We are fragile emotional beings
But our minds have become smarter
At least technically

So it’s not all bad news

But we have fallen from grace
Not in some religious pious way
But simply our energy lacks grace
The grace of innocence and joy
The loss of freedom
We have inherited toxic patterns
From endless ancestral trouble
Lodged deep in our energy systems
In our fragile immune systems
Deep in our beliefs

It’s not just your burden you carry
It’s your ancestors

And that is why
This is your time
And my time
To heal ourselves
To heal our wounded emotions
Our compromised immune systems
Our weakened nervous systems
And restore ourselves to integrity
And grace will return
And we will remember
Our innocence and truth

The buck of this unconsciousness must stop
And we are the ones to say ‘It stops here.’

You have an incredible power
When you are able to release yourself
From the grip of these old patterns
It takes effort, dedication, surrender, forgiveness,
Wisdom, insight, tenderness, and a huge heart,
But it is all there for you

The freedom we seek
The collective awakening we so desire
Is in this transformation
The transformation of old ancestral burdens
And the healing of past unconsciousness
Into the truth and grace of our innocence
This is the cleansing
This is the healing.

Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay

Indomitable Spirit

Spirituality is ‘of the spirit’
No more than that
Spirit is that essence within us
Unnamable and unknowable
But without which we are nothing
To develop indomitable spirit
Means to keep going
To keep walking
No matter what
With a dignity and humility
To walk through it all
As the stories, the tragedies and dramas slip by
As the days ebb away
As life’s spring
Becomes death’s fall
To walk willingly
With an indomitable spirit
Noble of heart even in brokenness
Neither higher nor lower
Neither more than or less than
But with the grace
Of a zen master
In presence
And openness
Until there is no more you.

Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay

Radical Beauty

Throw away all this politeness
And speak up for beauty
And love!

Declare yourself a radical
Don’t hold your tongue any longer
Speak what is deepest in your heart
Serve your soul’s loving
What is there to lose?

You have been holding it back
Fitting in, keeping quiet,
Trying to find the middle ground
Not rocking the boat

Rock the boat beautifully
Declare yourself to the world
Show your hand
Daunt your friends with your love
And with your honesty
Speak up for kindness and tenderness
The way those who laud hatred so proudly do

Serve beauty with all your heart
And something mysterious will happen
Beauty will see and hear you
And start serving you…not your false self
But the true and authentic you

Jump in, let’s go!
There’s not a moment to lose…

Image by Soorelis from Pixabay

Accept Your Tempest

Yesterday it rained
The clouds brought thunder
And lightning tore the sky open

Today the sun has returned
Calmly exuding heat and warmth
A restoration of presence

Both are welcome
By the earth
That accepts all visitations

Only the inside life matters
Filled with tempest and rain
Followed by sun and peaceful joy

We try to be one thing at our peril
And only by fully accepting
Our own tempest
Without it drowning us
And by accepting others thunder
Without it killing us
Will we become as deep as the earth.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Remember Your Vastness

Oh! mystic and eternal wanderer
Come here to this plane
Who knows why
Full of hope and anticipation
Innocent and free
Your eyes and heart awake
And joyous

What happened?
Did the world grind you down
With its pressures and demands
Did it force its cynicism upon you
Coerce you into its ways
Instill its confused beliefs into you

And you forgot
All about your true self
Caught up in a net
And plucked from the vast ocean

But now is the time to remember
All it takes is one moment
A flash of inner lightning
To untether
And unhook
And remember the truth
You are this mystic wanderer
Made of stardust and cosmic debris
Your origins are timeless
And when you dissolve back into emptiness
You do not disappear
But become your vast self again.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay