Ready For Love

I wasn’t ready for love
When it arrived
It shook me to the core
And in that shaking
Everything fell out

I fell so deep into love’s ocean
I drowned
But in drowning
Something new was born

The I that had struggled so hard
The one that fought the world
And battled for survival
Was no longer in control
Had become but a tiny whisper

Instead there was devotion to truth
An openness and a service to love itself
A warrior arose
Someone real
Who had no need for defenses
No need to attack
This new one wore no mask
Played no games
Yet was not weak
But strangely powerful

There is only one force
That can change this world
And that is love

But it requires a kind of death
Of the one who is defended.

A River Of Love Will Pour

We must look at the impact of our conditioning
If we are too untether ourselves from it
To find what is there prior to conditioning
And what is more real than conditioning
Is a deep and often painful inquiry
Because we start to realize who we are not
And we see clearly where we give ourselves away
And where we lost our innocence
We see all the beliefs and voices we have inherited
That are not ours
This inquiry may break our hearts wide open
But don’t worry, from this heartbreak
Will pour a river of love
That will nourish new growth in ways
Previously impossible to imagine

There is so much more to the human experience
Than is offered by conditioning
But first we must first loosen its steely grip.

We Are Divine AND Human

The world we live in is so very human
Messy, uncontrollable, fragile, delicate
Impermanent, emotional
And equally joyous, loving, enduring,
Creative and inventive
The divine within us
Cannot solve the mess
Of the human condition
Neither must it be denied
But it can be held in palm of the hand
As you would hold a beautiful butterfly
Not with tight and clenched fist
But with palm open and soft

To forget our divine nature
Is to be plunged into a world
That is merciless in its push and pull
To have no awareness of our divinity
Is to be cut off from that
Which feeds us and holds us in its arms
Divinity gives this human life its context
It is the water we swim in, the air we breathe

Our divinity is not a belief
In some God
It is the truth of our nature
We are human AND divine
Always, all the time
And when we forget or slip into one or the other
We become detached and aloof
Or lost and crazy

Divinity AND humanity
Is who we are
Our forgetting is the problem
Our forgetting is the cause of war
And fighting
The cause of fear and hatred
And the cause of attachment and suffering
All this stems from our forgetting our divine nature

And remembering our divine nature
Reminds us that we are one consciousness
Manifesting as separate individuations
And everyone and everything is equal
And everyone and everything is worthy of the same love
And it is our human duty to look after and care for each other,
The world we find ourselves in, and all life that exists around us
Remembering our true nature restores us to wholeness
And when we are restored to wholeness
The world around us begins to return to wholeness.

with hands and heart open

we spend our days
pulling our old wounded self around
like an old bag of stuff
trying to run away into the future
but, like a dark shadow,
no matter how fast we run,
there it is, always with us…

turn, i say, turn and meet whatever is there
whoever they are, whatever they want,
it’s always love calling you
stop running away
and turn, softly, with open hands
and welcome your own darkness
no fixing, no story, no reason, no blame
just the open hands of acceptance
welcome whatever comes
whatever the old pain
let it scream and wail and rage against life
just stay with hands open

by and by, sooner or later
you may begin to notice
nothing behind you,
the bags will be gone
you will be traveling free and easy
untethered by what was
and now fully available to meet life
with no agenda or expectations
freedom is presence
presence has let go of the bags
and walks with hands and heart open.

Everything Is Included

Life is a tapestry woven by God
Everyone and everything is in it
Nothing is forgotten or left out
The shapes and patterns
Are exquisite and beautiful
Sometimes brief and dramatic
Painful and heartbreaking
Yet all of it has value
And is included
In the vastness.

When you draw back your eye
Beyond the you-ness you always feel

And see it from awareness
You will be shocked by its Majesty

It may even stop you from thinking you know
What is good or bad
Or right or wrong.

the door is always open

every day, every hour, every moment

the door is open

but you turn away

again and again

yet there it is

calling, beckoning, beseeching

that is love my friend

inviting you

to cross the threshold

and live in a different way

look to what stops you

and move beyond it

the open ams of love’s splendor

is awaiting you.

Photo by Victoriano Izquierdo on Unsplash


Love is the Totality

When human beings think of love
They imagine this personal kind of feeling
Built on need and desire,
Something that comes and goes
Entirely dependent on circumstances
An ephemeral and unstable kind of love

But that is like looking at a wave
Without seeing the rest of the ocean

Love is the totality of things

If you can get deeper and deeper
Until you transcend this ordinary world
And leave behind its blinkered ways
You may see that it is all Love
And even the hate, the death and the suffering
Is included
Love is so vast
There is nothing that is not it
And the coming and going from the formless to form
Is part of this grace

Love is what you see
When you look into the night sky
And see the distant galaxies
When you gaze into your own soul
Or into the eyes of your beloved
When you weep for a life taken
When you arrive here
And when you depart

It may take you an entire lifetime
To realize the only truth that matters
Is the totality of Love.

there is great change coming

it is everywhere
when you have eyes to see
a great change is sweeping though us all
the end of man’s dominion
yes there it is
i have said it
the end of patriarchy
the end of centuries 
of masculine thinking
driving the whole world crazy

man was born to serve the divine
the grail, the feminine
for man must be in service to something 
but he stopped serving that grail
and began serving himself
and his own ego
and sought to control the feminine 
in the same way he must control all things
when he does not know himself

the way of the divine
is not though control
but through care and compassion
and the spirit of connection

man, your time has come
you have tried to control all things natural
but you have to know
you cannot tame
the wild animal
or the free spirit
and eventually you will eat yourself
in your desire for power
that time is almost come

the time of women is at hand
and those men who choose to serve 
this wisdom
will find depth and power
and those that don’t will perish
such is the natural cycle of life

i am in service to that
and to nothing else.

I think that the real woman is a person who protects and saves the world; a woman is a person who knows the secrets of life; a woman is a person through whom the great and powerful energy of love manifests and the love, which creates life. Therefore the salvation of the world will come through the woman, not through the man.

Peter Deunov –

Photo by Jasper van der Meij on Unsplash

we carry the paradox

on one hand it is at it is,
perfect in itself
and as life unfolds
moment by moment
it seems to be moved by it’s own intelligence
it will last long beyond our arrival
or departure

and yet on the other hand
so much is broken
and man’s destructive hand
has swept across the earth
with arrogant intensity
forgetting he is the mere custodian
and not the owner

we who see
must carry the paradox
of the perfection
and the imperfection
with grace
and with great compassion
knowing the futility
of man’s grasping at eternity
his desperate clutching at power
and his utter blindness
to what beauty is already here

all it takes is one step backwards
and a breath
to see the magnificence 
and the perfection
even amidst the horror
and the suffering.

*please note – when i use the term ‘man’ here, although it’s generally used to signify all humanity, i am leaning more and more towards it actually meaning MAN. The history of humanity has, in the last few thousands of years, as far as i can see, been the history of the masculine paradigm. suppression of the feminine, both inside each individual, and outwardly in the relentless and ruthless domination of women, has brought us to where we are. that is not ‘all humanity,’ that is mankind, the masculine with all its demented narcissism. i see a world that is changing, because it will have to. and that means the end of masculine, patriarchal domination and the rise of the new feminine. what that looks like and how it changes things i do not know. but it’s in the air and it is coming. so yes i very much mean ‘men’ when i say men.