This is it
I am leaving wordpress after 5 years of poetry

It has been wonderful
But enough is enough

If you want to stay in touch and follow my poetry
You can find me on substack

My subscription will run until the end of this month and then expire.

Thank you so much for following me, liking my poems and paying some attention.
The poetry is not stopping, only my chosen and preferred platform.
I still do all my poetry free and substack is no different.

So if you fancy continuing the journey jump on.
Otherwise be well and be blessed.

Kavi Jezzie Hockaday


When an individual cell
In the collective body
Becomes fully realized
To its own nature
As unified goodness
Something remarkable transforms
In the quantum field
And that goodness
Becomes entangled
With the innate goodness
In other individual cells

When a community of cells
in the collective body
Becomes fully realized
To its own nature
As unified goodness
A quantum evolutionary leap
May occur across the entire species

This is a remarkable moment
To explore your inner world
And discover your true nature

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay


Oh my love
So much division
Among us

How can we stand it
This endless fighting
Of the waves

While all the time
Our souls, or hearts
Longing for union

Oh my love
Let us put down our sticks
Lay down our weapons
Whether guns or words
Whether opinion or belief
And love each other anyway
Even in the wreckage
Even in the froth
Of these turbulent waves

I don’t know any answer
But love’s deepest acceptance
And even though I may err sometimes
Still I come back to this surrender

I am sorry
Please forgive me
I love you.


Discovering inner truth
Intuition and gut feeling
A deep instinct about things
And a wisdom that supports
That inner knowing

Is the only true authority we need
It is our connection to ourselves
To each other, to nature
And to God

Once discovered we must each find a way
To live from that deeply profound place
No matter what happens.

  • Image by Reinhardi from Pixabay

    As though it matters
    As though we matter
    As though everything we do
    And everything we say
    And everything we are
    Is some kind of prayer

    ‘May I be at one with nature
    May I be at one with all that is,
    Not above or below anything else,
    Walking harmoniously in the world.’


    Power, authority, dignity
    The truth of us
    Usurped in youth
    By conscious or unconscious action
    Becomes occluded
    Covered by shame, guilt, rage, unworthiness
    Which embeds itself in the delicate human design
    Seemingly impossible to remove
    But wait!

    There comes a time when we must decide
    That we are no longer defined by the insults
    That happened in the past
    The line in the sand, the ’no more’ place within

    And when we do that we are called to our inner authority
    And it is challenged by the world, by us, by others
    And we may struggle to find who we are
    Beyond the embedded self protective mechanism
    But there is freedom in all of us
    And nothing that we really are vanishes forever
    And we have more power than we realize

    Spirituality doesn’t do this for us
    Other people can’t do this for us
    We must find the line ourselves
    And stand upon it
    Over and over again if need be
    With a kind of resolve
    That makes it clear to the universe
    We are done being defined by all that happened.

    Image by Pexels from Pixabay


    Those who does not know themselves
    Cannot discern the difference
    Between the snake oil seller
    And the wise one
    And will often follow the snake oil seller
    Because their persuasive techniques
    Appeal to the unmet emotions
    Still held in the unexamined and unconscious system

    Wisdom is not quite so easily fooled

    We are in the intensity of those times.

    Image by Christine Engelhardt from Pixabay