Online Events

Meeting in Beauty – Online with Kavi
Friday January 10, 2020 – 5pm (MST)

An opportunity to explore love’s
deepest truths and to relax into openness. Poetry, conversation, inquiry, questions with Kavi.

About this Event
“Let us meet in the unknown, that refreshing place where magic, insight and love could happen. We will meet in our openness and even our vulnerability, leave our stuff at the door and just be there willingly.”
The focus will be awakening, love, openness, the depth of true beauty, grief and so much more.
The purpose of these informal gatherings is to inspire you to go deeper within, to question more, to support your spiritual awakening and to spend some time in an atmosphere of peaceful communion.
It helps if you are familiar with my poetry, please look at my posts, and check out my poetry site.

I will introduce the meeting, and read a poem or two, talk a little about what feels relevant on that day, and then open up to questions and insights.
I am open for questions about my life, my work, my journey of spiritual seeking, love, relationship and of course awakening.
I will connect to facebook live to reach others.

Meetings will take place on Zoom. You will need an internet connection, a camera and a microphone. A Zoom link will be sent to you closer to the event. Please do not share it.

Attendance will be on a donation basis. Your contribution will support the work I do with Amoda Maa. Thanks for your support.

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