Listen to the Voice Within Everything

Friend, that is it, that whisper in the noise
That nudge, that birdsong in the early morning
The gentle breeze in the trees
The lapping of the waves on the shore
The cloud, the thunder, the rain
All of them pointing to the beauty

Don’t keep turning away
You are feeding the wrong garden
Listen to the voice within everything
Hear what is really being said
There is a secret language being spoken
Even human beings use it
Listen inside the words of your lover
Or your friend or enemy

When you learn to hear deeper
The whole world whispers to you
And you start to know the truth of things.

Search the World

Go ahead, search the world
You will find wonders and riches
Breathtaking vistas and majestic sights
You can climb all the mountains
Surf the highest waves
You can fly, dive and explore
Until you have seen everything
You can become a space traveler
And get to Mars
And that would be a wondrous thing
And bring you closer to the divine

But if there is an itch inside you
A longing for true freedom
You will never find it
In any of those things

For only the journey into inner space
To the center of the inner world
To the black hole of existence itself
That lies at the heart of each human being
Only that journey will bring you
The wisdom and peace you seek.

Image by Lumina Obscura from Pixabay

Love’s Call Home

When did you stop loving yourself
When did you get the idea
There was something wrong with you
Maybe you didn’t notice
You just slowly moved away from wholeness
And started looking at yourself from some critical place
And judging

It all happened when you became someone
But you became who you had to
If you hadn’t become who you are
You would have become someone else
We have to become someone

But no, all these years later
There are parts you don’t like
Or parts that hurt
And you judge them, or you judge others

What’s the easiest way to solve that?
Start loving yourself again
Move back to the wholeness you are and always were
Love it all, the wounds, the pain, the sorrow,
Love the rejection, the victim, the righteous one
Just stop fighting with yourself

Eventually love’s call will soften all hard edges
And inner harmony will return
You could call this self forgiveness
Forgiving the self that imagines it is separate
This is your call to wholeness.

The Call of the Wild

We imagine the call of the wild
To be some kind of return
To our savage, unenlightened
Almost cave dweller type ways
Ways that we now consider disdainful

But that’s not the call of the wild
That is a regression to a past we have left

The true call of the wild
Is a call to beauty
To service and to nobility of spirit
It is a call to inner freedom
And a call to a kind of sovereignty
That knows itself and values itself

The call of the wild
Is a call to our true nature
As a lived experience

The fire inside us must be fed
Or it will, over time, lose its heat
And we will be left with dying embers.

Image by Faizal Sugi from Pixabay

The Wheel of Life

You say being kind in a hostile and dangerous world
A world full of endless trouble and suffering
Is naive and foolhardy

I say kindness is a display of wisdom and an embracing of innocence
And that, in the face of all life’s woes
Indeed, knowing the nature of existence itself,
To retreat into cynicism or closure
Increases suffering and unwillingness
And still doesn’t stop it

Eventually everything is taken
Eventually everything opens to its fate
We are all walking towards the same door
And life is inherently both tragic and ecstatic

Only an open heart and surrendered mind
Can allow the world to be as it is
Without rejecting it or trying to explain it
And that awareness will become kindness
When it is allowed to flow

Compassion is not a belief
It is a natural response
To the wheel of life.

Image by 272447 from Pixabay


To find the truth
You must look deep into your own heart
Into your soul and into your deepermost being

The spiritual wayfarer who tries to find truth
By accumulating knowledge
Will, quickly or slowly, find themselves at a dead end
With nowhere left to go but in

That is a beautiful moment
For then the journey really begins
As the knots and the protective layers
That cover up vulnerability
Are met, embraced and dived into
A profound deepening happens
And a great tenderness arises

By and by this opening and tenderness
Reveals itself as the truth
Not as a mental construct
But as a flower that opens
When its time comes

As a lived reality.

Image by Bessi from Pixabay