Love’s Hidden Hand

Let not age domesticate me
Or make me bitter
But let it ripen me like a fruit
Let it tenderize and soften me
So I am worthy of savoring

Let age not weaken my spirit
But make me wilder and more free
May it open my heart
And sharpen my wit

May I value time itself
And see each day as a precious jewel
Attach to nothing
But commit to peace

Let it not scare me
With it’s proximity to death
But bring depth and wisdom
May I see the beauty of others
And not their faults

And may I forgive
The human experience
Its failures, wars
And needless suffering
And instead see
Love’s hidden hand
In all actions
Even the most cruel.

on ageing like a stale piece of bread

If your ageing
doesn’t transform to
wisdom and grace
it will become
and rigidity

and don’t imagine
that you wont
be challenged by this
everyone is

the only real way
to age
is to become
consciously flexible
and open

you do not really
know life
and what it is supposed to
look like
so don’t rigidify
into beliefs and opinions
like a stale old
piece of bread