Compassionate Heart

This compassionate heart
That grew inside me
Was born from pain
And desperate attempts
To keep away from old wounds
Lost in addictions and avoidance
Strategies that failed
And only brought me greater suffering
And suffering to those around me

When I gave up fighting
My world caved in
And the resistor was destroyed,
Broken up and dissolved
What remained, and it took many years
And many tears
Was this compassionate heart

I saw myself in everyone
I saw everyone’s pain and sorrow
I saw the patterns we weave
And the strategies we employ
I realized that only kindness really works
And only a compassionate embrace
Of all human troubles
Releases us to be who we are.

Image by keyouest from Pixabay

unleash your compassion

do not turn away from the world

because it seems so cruel and heartless

or because it will overwhelm you with sadness

don’t close your aching heart

to that which needs you

you are not here for yourself alone

you are here to serve love

by becoming it

and loving even that which seems unloveable

wait no longer

but unleash your compassionate heart

it will change you forever

and heal your world.

A short poem of hope

And, from a far away place
In a distant universe
An advanced race
Of beings
Who lived in unity and loving joy

Looked to Earth
And its turmoil
With great tenderness
Remembering how they too
Had once thought themselves
Separate and alone from each other
And they remembered how their suffering
Had caused great wars and fighting
But that, at the final moments of self destruction,
They had woken up to love
And where there had been fear
There was now compassion
Where separation had been
Was now fellowship

And they remembered how they had rebuilt their world
Based on kindness and care for all
It was, they reflected,
The single most important transformation
They had ever gone through

And they wished that upon the people of Earth.