I Entered This World Trembling

I entered this world trembling with anticipation
Excited to see what the fuss was about

Yet fearful of being trapped in a body

Limited in space and time

It has taken me sixty short long years

To get any where near understanding

What on earth is going on
And I have concluded
That matters of man are small

He is preoccupied with power, sex and self
But the mystery of life itself
How and why we exist
And what it is we really are
These are elegant and beautiful questions to ask

When I exit this world I may tremble with anticipation
There will be great sadness leaving the familiar
And of course my beloved
But I arrived unattached and free
And I feel honor bound
To meet my death the same way

We have no idea what this experience really is
We make up stories to explain this
Totally overwhelming wonder we call life
And yet we spend our days distracted by things
That don’t matter

If I could invite you to anything
It would be to remember, somehow, even with your imagination
When you first arrived
And to then cast your eye, even with your imagination
To when you might leave
And then to step back and wonder
Without forming any conclusion
But simply to allow the unknown
To wash you clean of everything you think you know.

A Comet Across the Heavens

A life is a blink of an eye
A flash in the sky
A dying star
A comet across the heavens
At times it seems
To last so long
And we grow so attached
We almost forget
That death hovers around each of us
Like a ghost
Do we ignore the inevitable

Or carry it with us?
I say both
And yet somehow
We must stay calm
And not completely freak out

There is no way to make any sense of this.

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

the inevitable

we watch with fearful eye
as it comes for those we love
for those we admire
and even those we don’t care about
we rail when it comes prematurely
we cry in desparation over the injustice of its actions
and as we age its circle begins to surround us
closing in with inevitability
until the finger points
and beckons us forward
are we ready?
no one is ever ready
but we go anyway.

we are surrounded by mystery

we are surrounded by mystery
behind us and in front of us
at both sides we face the void
the absolute unknown
the eternal emptiness

no wonder we huddle together
preoccupied with what we have
or don’t have
obsessed with power
and love

it is a brave soul
who ponders such things
who stares into the abyss
who does not shrink in fear

without even knowing it
each of us carries
an existential terror
that we are alone
surrounded by eternity
a tiny blip in the silence
a teardrop in an ocean

but we cannot face our deepest nightmare
so we turn away
and create a world
of distraction

oh! human
you are the most puzzling of creatures
blessed with such brilliance
you waste your time
on pettiness

turn, and turn again
to face the unknown
you cannot truly know life
until you face death.

Death’s Great Power

In awareness and embracement
Of death’s doorway
We savor the bitter sweet
Experience of life
And celebrate existence itself

In denial and fear
Of death’s finality
We clutch at the illusion
Of power
And build emboldened castles
Even as the tide
Draws inwards

We take nothing with us
But our love
Or our fear
And only love
Opens the secret doorway.

seek no refuge

weary of the incessant prison chatter of the mind

he sought refuge in the ineffable

yet even there he found no peace, just escape

eventually he died to it all

and was resurrected as silence

it had all been a dream

the tale of a vivid imagination

seek no refuge, hide from nothing

but let the world kill you

until there is no more you