the inevitable

we watch with fearful eye
as it comes for those we love
for those we admire
and even those we don’t care about
we rail when it comes prematurely
we cry in desparation over the injustice of its actions
and as we age its circle begins to surround us
closing in with inevitability
until the finger points
and beckons us forward
are we ready?
no one is ever ready
but we go anyway.

we are surrounded by mystery

we are surrounded by mystery
behind us and in front of us
at both sides we face the void
the absolute unknown
the eternal emptiness

no wonder we huddle together
preoccupied with what we have
or don’t have
obsessed with power
and love

it is a brave soul
who ponders such things
who stares into the abyss
who does not shrink in fear

without even knowing it
each of us carries
an existential terror
that we are alone
surrounded by eternity
a tiny blip in the silence
a teardrop in an ocean

but we cannot face our deepest nightmare
so we turn away
and create a world
of distraction

oh! human
you are the most puzzling of creatures
blessed with such brilliance
you waste your time
on pettiness

turn, and turn again
to face the unknown
you cannot truly know life
until you face death.

Death’s Great Power

In awareness and embracement
Of death’s doorway
We savor the bitter sweet
Experience of life
And celebrate existence itself

In denial and fear
Of death’s finality
We clutch at the illusion
Of power
And build emboldened castles
Even as the tide
Draws inwards

We take nothing with us
But our love
Or our fear
And only love
Opens the secret doorway.

seek no refuge

weary of the incessant prison chatter of the mind

he sought refuge in the ineffable

yet even there he found no peace, just escape

eventually he died to it all

and was resurrected as silence

it had all been a dream

the tale of a vivid imagination

seek no refuge, hide from nothing

but let the world kill you

until there is no more you

falling with hands open

yesterday it all seemed so clear and bright
today the dark clouds have returned
and the sky hangs heavy
with foreboding

yesterday i was the bird untethered and free
today i am an innocent man
tied to the mast of his own vessel
as the boat skews this way and that
in the raging storm

yesterday there was love in my heart
today there is a fear in my veins
like a poison

the only antidote to all this
is abiding acceptance
like a forever falling
into an eternal well

most of us are struggling
to hold on to something
but when everything turns to dust
the wise learn
to fall with their hands open.

The Illusion of Opposites – A Story

As it arrived at the gathering
Death appeared to mock Life, taunting it
With an arrogance, a leering smile and a brash dismissal,

Shrouded in black, faceless and anonymous.
“We are locked in eternal embrace,” grinned death,
“And I always win. I take them all, I take everything eventually.”
“Ah,’ said Life, Sweet Death, always thinking in opposites.”
“What is it you win, exactly?”

You do not understand, obsessed as you are by transitions and crossings. You see a part of the picture and think it is the whole picture. I see the whole picture and embrace everything inside it. The coming and going, the movement towards and the movement away, the struggle and the ease, the peaceful acceptance and the angry struggle, and the longing for immortality. Nothing is separate from the whole. There is only one thing, sweet death, and you, and I , and everything that ever has been and ever will be, is it. You may imagine me as your enemy, but I love your delusion as a mother loves her unruly baby.”

They left the gathering together.

man’s folly

surely there is only one profound insanity of man
his folly of follies…

blessed as he is with the miracle of life
and shrouded by eternity itself
he appeared as if by magic, summoned by some unseen host
his life a fleeting moment, a flash of an eye,
and destined to return to the void from which he arrived
his life an inescapable journey from void to void
yet his existence an exquisite diamond in a dark mine
as if a star itself in the night sky

surely this would be enough for a joyous celebration!

but no…his folly is thus

upon arrival, he develops amnesia
and simply forgets his eternal home
a veil is drawn upon his eyes
and he is bedeviled
tormented by his own mind
he sees an enemy through his eyes
and he hears whispers in the night
he seeks power and plenty
and imagines he is immortal
he is like a madman
lost in his insanity
deranged and deluded

i too was blind
and then, through a grace that was bestowed upon me,
i began to remember
at first it was just a glimpse
but now an abiding state
a remembrance of where i came from
and where i return to
and the miracle that is happening
every moment of every day
even in the darkest moments

there are times when i think
this must be some kind of game
of forgetting and remembering
and the very meaning of this life is
wrapped around these two poles

to awaken from the dream
is the only true purpose