this exquisite discomfort

why can’t you show me your brokenness?
don’t you know that your vulnerability
and your wounds, embraced,
are what makes you beautiful

just stay there, for a moment,
don’t move away from this
exquisite discomfort
and let it shine
like a diamond
with all its edges and errors
beautifully imperfect

don’t hide forever


the many sided diamond

we are forged from the same dust
as a diamond
and we have as many sides
though what we show
and what we are,
are different things

when people look at you
some may see the side
that shines
and some may see you
as chiseled and rough
imperfect and even dull

but you are the whole diamond
all of it, every nuance
and contortion
every shine
and jagged edge
is you

shine on in your brilliance
and lose this need
to be one side
or another.