the face in the mirror

i have looked in the mirror
and seen many faces
i have seen fear and love
anguish and regret
joy and celebration
staring back from some unknown place

i have seen the flicker of time passing
in those eyes
stared wildly as creatures, gods,
archetypes, rise and fall
like wild snake waves writhing
in a petulant sea

i realized once
that you can never see yourself
as you are
that what we see, that vision we stare at
each morning and each evening
the one we glimpse
in shop windows as we pass
is not us
it is our ghost, our shadow
a reflection and a projection,
but not us

there is no point looking for your self
in the mirror
all you will see is
the time bound
and you are so much more than that….

to know your true face you must look beyond
what this world offers you
see through the veil
beyond the ephemeral
and find what is real.

enough with the poems show us the pictures

Welcome to my world!  Sausalito, San Francisco and California.
We are here, after a long year of visa application, my wife writing her book, visits to Costa Rica, UK and Sweden, we are successfully living here now, and will be here for the foreseeable future.
And boy oh boy are we happy about that. The last year has been utterly exhausting and very challenging, on many different levels.
But I will spare you the details and indulge those stories no longer.

This present moment is what really matters since its the only thing that is accessible. Here are some pics from the last week. What a place. The sky is big, things change fast, the fog rolls in, the light is extraordinary, and there are some great shots.

born of love

whatever is born
of love
will reverberate
the universe
it will touch
unknown hearts
and ripple through
time and space.
with no other motive
than what arises from
your heart
you align yourself
to the infinite
of god.
the vibration of pure
is the fabric
that weaves 
the worlds

and you are that
and when you are that
the whole world wakes up
and celebrates.


Do Not Underestimate the Power of Your Mind

Do not underestimate the power of your mind.
This mind is capable of many things.

Do not underestimate the power of your mind.
It can bring you down or it can lift you up.

This mind that makes the invisible

It has the power to change matter.
When the mind is aligned to love it is a force for good.
When mind is aligned to fear it turns toward hate
And unleashes its fury on the world.
There is nothing more destructive than a mind
That serves fear and hatred.
It brings an armageddon, like a
Thousand volcanoes.
Mind can kill you or heal you
It doesn’t care which.
Do not underestimate the power of your mind
It has no loyalty to you or anyone
Least of all you.
To your mind 
You are the subject,
You are a thing that needs protection.
To your mind it, itself, is King.

Mind unobserved is
An out of control train
Coming off the tracks.

It is your task to bring your mind
Into line so it serves
Your highest needs.
Through clarity and awareness
Through silence and inquiry
It will slowly settle down
Like an angry dog that needs soothing.
And then it will become your ally
Your greatest friend and servant.
Until then do not underestimate
The power of your mind.

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