Friend, I beseech you,
Search within, without cessation,
Let your deepest longing
Become your living truth
Seek that divine connection
That is your essence
Remember, remember, remember
Do not allow trauma, wounding, deceit,
Abuse, conditioning and dream spell
To isolate you any longer

It is our inherent nature
To be guided and held
By our direct connection to the divine
It IS our living truth

Forgotten or stolen
We walk as ghosts
Incomplete and bereft
Traumatized and helpless

But all it takes is a flash of illumination
And remembering begins
And we fall into right relationship
This is our true authority
And it is our sole purpose
To shine the light of our knowing
Onto the darkness of the world.

Image by Jills from Pixabay

This is our Love

This is our love
As open as the sky
Tender as a mother with a newborn
Without judgement or projection
Defenses no longer necessary
Fully present
Rooted in goodness and care

Yet nothing hidden
No dark stone unturned
Strong and clear
No victim, no aggressor
Not wet or new age
Not trying to be conscious
But willing to meet in the fire
Everything given, nothing held back
In full knowledge of the inevitable
Parting of the ways

A beautiful dance of two silences
Swirling, gliding and playing
On a path of love, in love, to love
Only love as destination
As though the world
Was made for us alone
Yet nothing selfish here
But shared without preciousness
A kind of fate that brought this
And a grace that sustains it
And a humility that deepens it

This is our love
A love that transcends the world
Yet includes it.

Masters of Love’s Surrender

We are masters, my lover and I,
Masters of falling, of beauty
Of tenderness and of love’s truth

We didn’t plan it this way
Grace anointed us
And we surrendered

She is a jewel in the mine
And I gladly serve that which shines

We are swimmers in the ocean
Moving this way and that
Sometimes like glorious fish
Or birds that play with each other
While life goes on around them

We are pioneers, adventurers,
Cosmic voyagers found their calling
To call others to openness and joy

We are tender hearted
Taking care of each other
As we meet the world
With its messiness and cruel ways

We are shiners, given to truth
Shining a light for others
Who long to find the way home

We are silence in the noise
Alone with each other
Yet with each other totally

This is the kind of love
It is worth waiting lifetimes for
The falling into each other
Without any resistance

Both of us fully awake
And fully love
An exquisite dance of form and form.

A Love Beyond Valentine

Love is not a personal possession
Not something to keep for self
It’s not ownership of someone else
It is not something we can trade
It is a fragrance
So much deeper than self
It is the sweet beauty
Of openness without imagination
Tenderness without story
Love is the presence
Of just being with this as it is
It is humbling
And exhilarating
And without limit
Love is just what is naturally here
When everything that is not it
Is dissolved
In fact everything dissolves into it
Because love is not divisible
It is not me and you and others
It is the whole

Happy Valentine to your sacred heart ❤

This is How We Love

We love with a wild tenderness
Beyond egoic self protection
Naked and unashamed
With a care for each other
And a love for truth
We know truth heals
And lies kill love
We love with nothing left undone
Nothing swept away
Held hostage for another day
Transparent, see through love
Blown open to joy’s fresh wind
Unafraid of sharing what is broken
Knowing that one day
Good bye will tear us apart

This is how we love
Like innocent children
And weary lovers
Grown tired of the world
Turned towards hibernation
Wrapped up in each other
Waiting for spring

This is how we love
As spring flowers
Dancing gaily in the fresh wind
Delighted just to be
Swaying this way and that
Laughing at each other
Knowing we are the same

We love beyond all this
Earthly concern
In realms unexplored
And galaxies unknown
We came to this
From the mystery
And we dance the mystery
Together and alone

But our purpose here
Is to share our love
With you.


My Wife, The Fire

My wife is a fire that has consumed me
Burned up all that was not love
And left me naked, empty
And full of grace

She is a mustang
A wild, untamable creature
Who responds only to trust
And unconditional love
To try and limit that nature
Is to either kill it
Or create a firestorm

This woman is Kali
Faced with lies and deception
She may turn into a spinning vortex
Of crazy energy
A black hole
That sucks all matter in
Without mercy

She is death to ego
So filled with unconditionality
But don’t think
She is some sweet new age tantrica
She is not….

My Wife, the Fire.



Something is unravelling
On planet earth
The unspoken law
Of mind over heart
Competition over connection
Fear over love
Is unravelling

And something new is beginning to emerge
Something fresh and real
Something essentially feminine
Yet not just of women
Based in truth
And authentic relating
With a loving embrace
Something not based in mere self preservation
But in the deepest understanding
Of life’s connectedness.

The old ways are dying
And the old patriarchal rule is dying
That’s why everything is so uncertain
And the foundations are shaking
It’s a good thing
A scary thing
A necessary thing
Out of the dust will arise

Born for Simple Joy

You can only
Cover over the cracks
For so long
Before what is hidden
Behind those cracks
Starts seeping through
And breaking into
Any intimate or vulnerable
Part of your life.

The cover over the cracks
Was only there as a temporary measure
A form of protection
Necessary at the time
But now become an old and tired habit
With no purpose left
And thus it torments you
To let it go

Uncover the cracks
And let the light shine in
And out

We must carry our defensive strategies
Only as long as absolutely necessary
But the wise one
Knows when this time is
And will choose, at some point,
To put down his, or her, arms
And meet the rest of life
With open hands

The alternative is life as a prisoner
Held captive in a bar-less jail

Come, throw off your old cloak of fears
And run free into the fields of joy
Jump, shake, scream and howl
Let it all go in a great dance of abandon
You will find this freedom
Has been inside you all the time
Waiting for the right moment
To reveal itself.

You were born for the simple joy of freedom
Don’t settle for anything less.

Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

Oh My Love

Oh my love
However did we find this?
We fell into a love so deep and vast
So timeless and free
So clear and accepting
That no attempt to describe it
Gets anywhere near

When someone asks me
How long we have been together
I say ‘Forever,’
And if they ask
What our secret is
I say, ‘Grace.’

In truth I cannot answer their questions
There is nothing the mind can say
That would explain
This bewildering simplicity.

The Dying Fire of Patriarchy

Since I arrived on this planet
Near 60 years ago
I have been puzzled and perplexed
By many things Man does and is
But none more so
Than his enduring and historic contempt of Woman
I admit I have failed in this regard
For I have always seen Woman
In her truth and in her power
As far superior to Man
I don’t mean the modern Woman
Who has been corrupted and made small and guilty
By a thousand years of suppression
I mean Woman in her essence and wisdom
In touch with her nature

Maybe this is what he fears
For he knows somewhere deep inside
That service to the feminine
Within and without
Means surrendering his willful ego
And becoming a servant to love

Man is still an infant
Furious at Mommy
Terrified of that which unites us all
And that which births each of us
Is Woman

The way of the future,
If there is one,
Is with Woman’s wisdom
With her natural tendency to care, compassion and openness
With her wrathful, Kali love
And only when Man surrender his obsession with power
His terror of Woman
And his righteousness
Or it is wrestled from him
And Woman remembers herself
Will change happen

These men who tyrannize Woman
Who demean and oppress
They do not speak for me
I have no fear of Woman
What I fear is Man’s ignorance
And bigotry
And his relentless attempts
To maintain the dying fire of Patriarchy

This life could be a wondrous dance
A play of form
And we could each play our part
Man AND Woman
Yin AND Yang
Equal and Open
Not one more powerful
But each in their power and wisdom…

I am a dreamer longing for a peaceful future