Make Space For the Beloved

Let all this knowing and awareness
Fall into the temple of the heart
And there, let the clarity of our seeing
Begin a process of cleansing
So that we meet all the demons and shadows
All the toxic beliefs and imaginations
And allow them to return to source

The purifying of the heart is a kind of emptying
In which, without knowing how or why,
The more empty it is
The more filled it becomes with the beloved

It is possible to shift
From being self centered
To being beloved centered
Without becoming religious
It has nothing to do with beliefs

Make space within your heart
And the beloved will move in.

Image by Devanath from Pixabay

unique fragrance of the divine

each of us is here to
express some unique
fragrance of the divine

when you find your
it fulfils you
and when you don’t 
it leaves you
feeling empty and lost

we are so distracted
by survival
and the simple activity
of living in the world

we have no time
to indulge
such things

but unless
we indulge such things
life will feel

i don’t mean
your life’s purpose
i mean fragrance.
as each flower
has its own unique
so do we
it is not possible
to describe 
with words
how this really is
but when
you find it
and embrace it
everything within and without

will relax
and the whole world
will celebrate.
Roses for my Love 2 copy