don’t give up, surrender

when this life comes at you
with its invitation to love
when it hits you hard
and threatens to swallow up
everything you think you are
and everything good you believe in
don’t give up
giving up is a resignation
a shrug of the shoulders
a head down defeat
but it’s still your desperate ego
running the show with its stories
surrender to life
is majestic and liberating
to accept life’s waves
even though they hurt like hell
and to keep your heart wide open
is to return to your natural state
as love
surrender is divine
it is the doorway through which
we enter the kingdom of heaven
giving up is a prison.

surrender the wilful ego

a kind of death must happen
for relationship to flower
but that death is no bad thing
it is nothing more than
giving up the need
to be right
or wrong

to surrender
the wilful ego
is the greatest gift
you can give your lover
and the world

it sounds so easy
but i invite you
to give it a try
in the heat
of the moment
when the battle
is at its peak…

i laid down my arms
some time ago
it was the best thing
i ever did

don’t fight with the devil

don’t fight with the devil
you will never win
because even as you argue
you have already lost
its not the end result
the devil seeks
it is the fight itself
as long as the fight persists
the devil is happy

the devil is duality
the realm of the ego mind
it feeds on division
on right and wrong
on good and bad
it needs energy
to feed it
as much negative energy as possible
it is the realm of the hungry ghost
a horror story
that has us trapped
thinking we are free
but we fight and judge
and argue
our righteousness
and all that really happens is
the devil wins
and the world persists
in perpetual motion
and we run around
in this prison
of delusion
as though we were free

so when the devil picks a fight with you
and he will
don’t fight back
even though you know you are right
don’t pick up your weapon
and fight back
you will never win
as soon as you pick up that weapon
you have lost
and when you lose
we all lose

oh! if we all put down our weapons
and stopped all this fighting and feeding
the devil
something new would happen
on planet earth.


A Letter To My Own Ego

I realise you have my best interests at heart

And I understand that you are trying to protect me

And I know that you are prone to swing

Between great fear and great pride

I also know you have cast yourself as the driver
Of the vehicle

Though how you even ended up in the front seat

Is beyond me!
Let alone take over as driver!

And I am truly sympathetic to your cause, 
truly I am

I have to tell you

That I worry about you
Your ability to make true and clear decisions

Is precarious

You seem overly neurotic at times

And so hell bent of my survival

That you forget how to live!
Why do you put everything down all the time?
Why are you always saying, ‘That’s not good enough or ‘That’s not right?’

I mean, let me just ask you this:
‘How do you feel about the unknown?’
 ‘How do you deal with deep feelings, or even the mystery of life?’
I thought so…not so good.
Do you have to know EVERYTHING!


And thats where I have to step in and, I’m afraid, overrule you.

OK it is time for some truth and a redress of power.
The fact is life is not that great when you are the driver, sole decision maker,

Judge and jury of my world.
That is not what you are here for. I know you think you are, but I’m sorry, you are not.
You are superb at doing things that need to be done. You are excellent at navigating the world, and weighing up left and right, up and down etc etc.
But you are just a part of the decision making process, and you need to be in your rightful place.
You can become kind of demonic left to your own devices.
Yes I know, I’m sorry too. I don’t know how it all happened, it just kinda became that way over the years without me noticing.
And yes, I know, all the other people have egos the size of planets and are all out of control.
But that is not an excuse. You can’t play the ‘if you can’t beat em, join em,’ game, here.
I am calling this to account. It is time.
You will thank me in the long run.
Because you are not really designed to run the whole show.
Here, let me spell it out.
You are supposed to be a great servant to the cause. But you have taken over control of the kingdom and you run it, quite frankly, terribly. You run it like a neurotic tyrant.
I have had enough of your stories, tantrums, excuses, your blaming and shaming, and your lashing out at other people, and your lashing out at me!
It is over. I love you but you are a demanding toddler sometimes.
So it is over.

fall from innocence

like you
i was broken
like you
my heart was broken
many years ago
during my
they call it
but i call it
‘fall from innocence.’

i used to believe
that innocence lost
can never be regained
but i now see
those are the words
of the defended
and the hurt
they are the words
from inside the story
of self

now i know
that innocence regained
is wisdom
and unconditional love

everyone falls
not many rise up
into grace
and into love

i am grateful
i fell
without this dance
of falling and rising
i would be nothing

The Gates of Choice

Facing the VoidWe are at the threshold
Of a descent
Or an ascent
We could rise higher
Or we could sink lower

That dilemma is
Alive in the heart
Of each man and woman

Descend into the deadly vortex
Of individual and collective
Ego wars, wars that can
Never be won

Or ascend beyond ego
Into an expanded
That sees itself
In the other
Because it knows
There is no other

One is war
The other is Peace

And we are at the gates
Of choice.

not one more drop of hate

i will not add
one more drop of hate
to the world.
it is too full
and overflowing.

i will not give
my allegiance
to fear,
or vengeance.

the world is drowning
in fear

no. i will swim against the tide
of lemmings 
and strive for the kind of 
that has no opposite

i will surrender this ego 
saturated self
on the cross
and pour out
the milk of
loving kindness
into the broken world.

unless i take the stand
and allow myself to die
into this love
how can i expect anyone else

there is a crucifixion
that calls us all
every moment
of every day.

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