There is a point on the journey
Of awakening
When you realize
It is all alright
It always was alright
It always is alright
And it always will be alright

Despite the suffering, the hardship,
The war, the loss, the grief,
The violence, the terrible things
We do to ourselves and each other

It is all alright
It always was alright
It always is alright
And it always will be alright

There is no way of explaining this
So the mind that is divided understands
It is not an argument or a belief
And it doesn’t stop the wheel of pain

It just brings great relief

For you have fallen into your god essence
And realized that separation
Is the most beguiling of illusions
But ultimately untrue.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay 

meet the world with love

meet the world with love, even if it repulses you

even if it terrifies you
and makes you crazy with rage
even with all this
meet it with love and 
don’t expect it to change

but instead
through your devotion
and unswerving commitment
to awakening
transmit a vibration of love and truth
so powerful
it shakes lies and fear and hatred
to the ground

it is light that dissolves darkness
and when the world becomes dark
the only light that needs to shine
is yours

and only when you have
dissolved all darkness
within yourself
will you truly know
how powerful the light is

this is not some
spiritual banter
this is hard truth

true awakening 
is ferocious, not fluffy
it is a fire that burns everything
to the ground
it is a light that blinds.
if you want to know
what awakening is like
stare into the sun

if you are called to this path
of truth
you will have to burn
in the fire of transformation.
it is not for the faint hearted
it is not for the cowardly.

the only answer to the world
and all its vicissitudes
is an awakening so powerful
everything that is unawakened
falls at its feet and dissolves.