The Separation of Man and God

When Man and God were separated
It was the singularly most destructive action
That resulted in Man’s powerlessness
And the rise of the devil within, ego
Abandoned by God
Ego was free to rule Man’s inner world
Unchecked and without balance
Man lost his essence
And became enslaved to the idea
Of an outer authority

Separated from his salvation
And his truth
He was alone and scared
His life meaningless and bereft
Out of this abandonment
Did the ego take hold
And come to dominate

Thus did Man fall prey
To addiction, to seeking wholeness outside himself
And become subject to manipulation
By those offering him
A route back to the God
He was once intimate with

Only the return of God
Of godliness, of goodness
The reconciliation of Man and God
Will restore inner harmony
And return him, and her, to wholeness
And end this tyranny of ego

Anything less than the
Wholesale return of God
To the heart and soul
Of Man and Woman
Will perpetuate this enslavement
And there will never be peace.

When I use the term Man I am intending to mean both men and women.
Please forgive me, I am using the singular term for simple expedience.

The End of the Guru and the Return of God

God has come down from on high
And now sits quietly
In surrender
Inside the wounds
In sorrow and in defeat
All elevation gone
Almighty now the lowly one
Buried in the dirt of the broken
Down amongst the slaves
The pedestal lies abandoned
Shattered into a million pieces
By endless betrayal
Man sold you God
In his own image
And now He is dead
‘It’s a suicide, They cried.
‘God is dead!’ They wailed.

No, God has returned
To true home inside
The humble heart
God was never a man
Never a guru
Never religious
Never almighty
Never on a pedestal
God was stolen
From inside each of us
Throughout history
Stolen from ordinary humble heart
Of each human being
Woman and man alike

And now His story is over
Thus and thus
There is no need for the Guru any longer
For God can come home
Without us seeking and searching
For something we imagine
We don’t have.

There Is Only God

There is only God
Nothing is sacred unless
Everything is sacred
It sounds insane
That we could include the horror
As well as the transcendent beauty
But unless we can include
We will always be divided
And awakening has no division
Therefore EVERYTHING must be welcome
Even if it hurts so much
It almost kills us.
It’s not easy
It’s necessary