On Our Knees We Are True

Those who are prepared to be humbled
Are shown the beauty of grace
And the power of love

While those who uphold themselves
With bombast, and cling to being right
At any and all cost
Will never know beauty or tenderness
By clutching so tightly at self righteousness
They are already in a self created hell

The meek, the humble and the true
The lover, the open hearted and the kind
Never really left eden
And they tend the garden with their tears
And with their joy
Hoping one day their lost brothers and sisters
Will return to their true nature.

There is a secret doorway to freedom
Called humility.

This is not religious.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Conscious Kindness

There is a power in kindness
An overlooked and disregarded power
The power to open up parts of ourselves
Neglected and cast out over the years

Kindness, tenderness and openness,
You can’t embrace these deep qualities
Without them having an impact on your life
And on those around you

As John O,Donohue said,
To be created and come to birth is to be blessed.
Some primal kindness chose us and brought us
through the forest of dreaming until we could emerge
into the clearance of individuality,
with a path of life opening before us through the world.”

Kindness to ourselves connects us
To our innocence
And to the innocence of all life
It precedes all the hardness we learn
All the survival strategies
And defensive layers we must build
Just to be here

And the path of conscious kindness
Opens the door to a place
We may not have been for many many years
But kindness does not happen by accident
It is a choice, a choice made over and over,
A choice made even when the righteous ego screams
A choice made even when the victim voice says no
A choice made even when the world tells you, you are wrong
A choice, a path, a new relationship
A path itself walked with kindness, nothing harsh remaining
Until kindness becomes blood and bones, every fibre of being.

Image by jools_sh from Pixabay

A Living Softness

Even as the shell appears hard
And the warrior has taken a defensive stance
So there may be a softness
Hidden deep within
A softness in the center

All this surface living bakes us hard
And we easily forget
That softness is grace made human

We live in cynical times
Times of opinion as truth
And a kind of inner strength
Must be carried forth
To meet falseness and despicability

But we are soft at heart
And tenderness, kindness
Is our true strength
If it should wither and perish
We are doomed
And hope of a loving evolution
Must be abandoned

It is up to you and I
To be the carriers of softness
The trustees of tenderness
To carry all that is good
And all that is real
Into the world

There is no need for awakening
To make this so
Just a remembrance of what is true.

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

The Garden We Never Left

This world is the garden of eden
Our sacred home…
We wrecked it
Trashed it
Raped it
Bulldozed it
Fenced it and built walls
To keep others out
And managed to imprison ourselves

We won’t be satisfied
Until we render the garden
Totally uninhabitable
Then we get to really blame god
For our abandonment

It was no ones fault
It wasn’t woman’s fault
And it wasn’t man’s fault
And it wasn’t god’s fault

We had a momentary lapse of reason
A thought of pride and shame
A fleeting forgetting of our innocence

And we found ourselves here, guilty
Apparently exiled
Banished from eden
And now we wander the earth
Lost and angry
Besieged by fear and anger
Hell bent on destruction

But it’s just a thought and
We could be back in the garden
We never left
In a moment if we choose
It is nobody’s choice but ours
We could reclaim innocence
Look at the garden with fresh eyes
Look at each other with equanimity
And wake up from this dream
All it would take
Is a moment of recollection
A flash of realization
A desire to be true
A return to love.

The Day Love Really Began

And finally one day
I was ready to bear
The weight of the world
And to see it was my task
To transform it all to love
When my humility
Outweighed my resistance
I fell to my knees
In a solemn prayer
‘I’m sorry,’ I wept,
‘For abandoning love
And falling into self absorption,
I am sorry.’

In that falling
I remembered
Who I was
And a great and deeper love
Burst forth
So many things ended
That day
And so much really began.

A Simple Invitation to Innocence

Mine is a simple invitation
Nothing complex or elaborate
Nothing demanding or costly
Nothing that involves mind or intellect
It needs no theory or even practice

All it needs is willingness and daring

This simple invitation
Is to remember the innocence
You arrived with
And to ask whether that innocence
Is dead or buried

If you believe it is dead
Let us see if that is true or just a belief

If it is buried
Let us unearth it
And reveal it once again
And hear its tender voice
Hidden for years under the weight of the world
Waiting for you

This innocence I speak of
Is not some glib idea or new age fantasy
It is the key to a door that leads to freedom
To reconnect with innocence
Is to make sense of this mysterious journey
In which we get lost and wounded
After arriving in existence with such promise
And excitement

To remember where our innocence
Was lost and buried
To feel that fully
And to make sense of it
May bring us to the gates of wisdom
And wisdom is the gift we really need
To accept the difficult path of life.

Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

I Am For Love

I am for love
For the embracing of grief
And all darkness

I am for kindness
And the grace of compassion

I am for truth held in tenderness
I am for the dance of joy
And the tears of sadness

I am for the warmth
And strength of the human spirit

I am for beauty, but not superficial beauty,
But the beauty of the innermost
The beauty of the heart broken open
And welcomed home

I am for everyone who seeks to transform
I am for those who, despite great suffering,
Hold their heads high and walk with dignity

I am for our awakening
From the dreamlike state
Of separation consciousness
Into the full flowering
Of our highest potential
As the collective we are

But mostly I am for love
For that is where it really starts.

Image by blizniak from Pixabay