An Embodied Truth Called Love

Listen, if the heart does not open
There has been no real awakening
Only understanding
And understanding is not enough
It’s only part of the picture

It’s when understanding falls into
The heart’s chamber
And meet’s life’s wounds and sorrows
That transformation happens

All the understanding in the world
Does not transform you
First you may understand
But then you must drown

Soak yourself in that understanding
Let it flood into your life
Like a cleansing river
There will be pain and tears
And grief and rage
Regret and shame
And even terror
Welcome all these
For they are your doorways
To an unconditional place
And once truly released
All that understanding
Will be lived as an embodied truth
Called LOVE.

Image by Lars_Nissen_Photoart from Pixabay

The Beauty That Whispers Our Name

We are parched of beauty
Not the superficial beauty all too common
That celebrates the superficial
But the true beauty
That lives deep in our soul
Whispering to our hearts
‘Come, come.’
The nectar of life.

When, somehow, we taste just a drop of that beauty
We are changed forever
And we begin to seek it
Like the one that crawls thought the desert
Searching, longing for the oasis

I learned to seek this beauty always
Even in troubling times
Especially in troubling times
When we are so distracted and misguided.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Break the Chain of Unconscious Patterns

We have grown smarter but smaller
As the centuries have rolled by
And we have inherited
So many unconscious patterns
From wounded ancestors
Unable to heal their own trauma
We have grown energetically smaller
We live longer but we have become sicker
Our immune systems are weakened
Our nervous systems are damaged
We are fragile emotional beings
But our minds have become smarter
At least technically

So it’s not all bad news

But we have fallen from grace
Not in some religious pious way
But simply our energy lacks grace
The grace of innocence and joy
The loss of freedom
We have inherited toxic patterns
From endless ancestral trouble
Lodged deep in our energy systems
In our fragile immune systems
Deep in our beliefs

It’s not just your burden you carry
It’s your ancestors

And that is why
This is your time
And my time
To heal ourselves
To heal our wounded emotions
Our compromised immune systems
Our weakened nervous systems
And restore ourselves to integrity
And grace will return
And we will remember
Our innocence and truth

The buck of this unconsciousness must stop
And we are the ones to say ‘It stops here.’

You have an incredible power
When you are able to release yourself
From the grip of these old patterns
It takes effort, dedication, surrender, forgiveness,
Wisdom, insight, tenderness, and a huge heart,
But it is all there for you

The freedom we seek
The collective awakening we so desire
Is in this transformation
The transformation of old ancestral burdens
And the healing of past unconsciousness
Into the truth and grace of our innocence
This is the cleansing
This is the healing.

Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay

Falling Into What Is Natural

Don’t be deceived by the material world
It is only half of the truth
There is an invisible world
Inside the material one
Natural, Intelligent and benevolent
Remember this even in the midst of trouble

After living in full acceptance
Of this invisible intelligence
For some time
It becomes more real than the material one
And you realize everything has changed
Some call this awakening
I call it falling into what is natural.

Image by Ioannis Ioannidis from Pixabay

When the Divine Appears

Some of this poetry is ecstatic
Some of it ordinary
Steeped in a kind of sadness
Kindness appears often
It can be gentle or ferocious
A storm or a calm sunset
I beseech
I tease
I challenge
And I love

I know what I am doing
And I don’t know what I’m doing
There is no plan or grand design
No marketing or sales pitch

I seek authenticity always
And cannot tolerate lies or deception

But there is something deeper
At the heart of all this writing
And sometimes it comes through
If I keep opening the door
If I stay willing to just lay it all bare
Sometimes, when the wave is high
The DIVINE appears
And smiles
And lays beauty upon us all
Upon you and me
And that is our healing

I live for that, and it cannot be forced, only invited,
And then we must carry on anyway regardless
The DIVINE has its own time, its own way
All we can do is court it.

Image by Glegle from Pixabay

The Holy Water We Swim In

Oh! how much I adore these words

All of them
The arms and the legs of love
All of them underpinning
Our humanity

When the fighting is done
We return to these qualities
Without them we are not human

They are the holy waters we swim in
I see people struggle in their lives
Because they have forgotten
To dive into the only ocean that matters.
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

The Beautiful One

The beautiful one
Who lives outside things
Dances to a different piper

To find freedom
You have to step out of the crowd
And make your own way
You might have to meet yourself
For the very first time
And fall in love
With what you discover

If you listen deep enough
Through all the noise
Through the drama and distraction
You will begin to hear
A sweet tune
Some call it
The music of what is
Fall in love with that

There is a different world
A breath away from this one
The beautiful one is there
The true music is there
Freedom is there
All waiting for you.

Image by Silentpilot from Pixabay