Let The Air In

Grace is all around you
In the details and experiences of your life
It may not be there
In the way you desire
And it may even feel
As though you are a victim of life
But if you keep the window open
Just a fraction
The healing wind of grace
Will surely blow in
And bring fresh air
To that airless room
Sooner or later
Grace will have its way.

Fall Into Grace

Though our time here is brief
And we are governed by the cruel hand
Of inevitability
It only takes a moment
A pause in the momentum of mind
To catch a glimpse of eternity
There, in the space between in breath
And out breath

Is the freedom we seek

There is a part of us
That is eternal
Call it soul, spirit or true nature
When we forget our essence
We feel so incredibly alone
And separate
In time and space

Yet all it really takes
Is a simple stop
For us to open the door
And fall in to grace.

The Sweetest Invitation

‘Come home,’
The heart whispered,
‘Open and fall into grace.’

‘Don’t trust that voice,’
Taunted the mind,
‘It will lead you to trouble.’

And thus you lived
Between the two
Tyrannized by doubt
Yet drawn by the sweetness of the invitation

Some say love is a choice
But maybe it’s inevitable.

The Dancing Ground of the Sun Whispers Our Name

I can feel you Santa Fe
I can feel you in my bones and blood
Under my skin and in my heart
We travelers, mystics and adventurers
We two humble lovers
Following the mystery
Wherever it may lead us
Led by grace
And a warrior-like dedication
To love
We hear you calling

When we first set foot in you
We were enchanted
Something within us both relaxed into joy
Felt held and nurtured
Aligned and true
And the pull of home

Yes, our bodies come from England
But our souls, our hearts and our longing
Come from the vastness itself
From something deep within that is still alive
Still excited about love’s sweetness
Still on fire with prometheus vision
With an urgency to set others alight
With love’s passionate call

We see you, and we feel you
And we can hear you whispering
‘Come, come, come.’
And we are coming.


Yes, we are moving to Santa Fe after over two years here in Sausalito, California. We will miss it here but we cannot stay forever and we are called by a bigger vision to share Amoda’s teaching https://www.amodamaa.com/
We fell in love with Santa Fe and New Mexico, and we met some wonderful people there and so it is written that the next phase of our journey is to head there. How, we don’t know, to what, we don’t know. But Amoda and I are used to living in the unknown. We shall see what unfolds. Watch this space.

I Met Myself

I met my younger self on the road
He looked at me with suspicion
I looked back with love
He said he was angry
I told him it will pass
He said ‘I hate the world.’
I showed him there is no world outside him
He dragged a bag around filled with stuff
I told him he wouldn’t need it for long
He asked me, ‘What am I going to do?’
I said, ‘Trust.’
‘Trust what?’

We talked for a long time
I showed him what he had become
How he let go of his grievances
How his wounds turned to gifts
And his confusion turned to clarity
How joyous and forgiving he had become
And how all the pain turned to grace

He had no idea who I was
But his eyes sparkled with teary emotion
When our encounter came to an end

We hugged and drifted back to our journeys
swear I saw a skip in his step as he disappeared
Into the distance.


This year, this next year of your existence
Give yourself fully to what is real
Within you
Don’t worry about awakening
That will take care of itself
But instead turn towards
Your resistance
Your pain
What you really hide from
And make a decision to expose it
To your own awareness
Allow this awareness
To hold it all without any attempt
To sort it out
Be done with sorting it out
Or working it out
But allow it all to just be there
Be ok in the devastation
Or the grief
Or the anger

Give yourself fully to what is real
But don’t get sucked into your own
Or anyone else’s drama
Don’t feed any more pain
Or judgement
It’s endless

Time runs out for us all
And you don’t grow younger
So now is the time
To put the search for awakening to one side
And look deeper within
There are jewels there
You have yet to discover
God is in there
Your radiant innocence waits there for you
Grace, acceptance and forgiveness are all there
You just have to go into the darkness
And empty

Love will take care of the rest.