worrying about nothing

when i realized
i was worrying about
i started laughing

you see most of my worrying
was about something
that never happened
some future event
predicted vaguely
by a cautious mind

but experience stepped in
and reminded me
that nearly everything
mind worried about
never actually happened

and that meant
i spent much of my valuable time
here on earth
worrying about nothing

oh! what a fool i felt
and, for a moment,
all the worry

and then, like a demon
that will not die,
i started to worry
about how much time
i had wasted worrying…

life….is….exhausting….and quite amusing.

urban pilgrims in a fucked up beautiful world

they set forth
on their wild adventure
knowing that many had
taken the path before them
but still feeling
like the first

they were 
blazing a trail
living their own
mythic life

and thus they
said farewell
to their home shore
and set out
to the 
westernmost point
of the western world
and into the known

the urban pilgrims
in a fucked up
beautiful world.
(to be continued…)


each with our own reality

we are a mighty force
the human family
we appear to share
the same 
operating system
but run
very different

each of us
has our own
reality with its
and wrongs

it’s easy
to assume
our reality
is more right
than someone elses
and declare war
on them
but really
all this fighting
is a battle
of misperception
like children
in the school break

as long
as each of us
takes our
and literally
we are destined
to eternal

never take yourself
too seriously.



under the ecstatic sky


I walked under
the ecstatic sky
and lost my self

oh joy!
may i never find
my self again

a sweet reverie
graced me
and i received 
it’s blessing,
mesmerised by
the patterns
god weaves

while others 
were busy looking down
and shuffling off

to their early morning
i gazed toward
the heavens in
stunned silence

the sky, the sky
i have seen
ten thousand times before
surprised me
yet again

and brought me
to my knees
in sheer wonder

how can i not
the simple majesty
of existence
when it offers me
its beauty
so freely?

the-ecstatic-sky-2-copy the-ecstatic-sky-3

god left the door open

piano light
we do not have to wait

for death
to return
to love

the door is open
not many can find it
because they don’t look
because they don’t know
it is there

but god left the door open
and sometimes
even those
who don’t want to know
catch a glimpse
of the light
that shines
through the cracks

everything that happens
is a reminder
of the open door

no one else
is needed
to go through
the door
no minister
or guru
there is no one
who stands
at the door
and decides

who gets in and who doesn’t
there is no bouncer
at the door of love

can walk through
no matter
what they have
or havent

but to go through
to be willing

to give up
precious self
wall shadows

the sun rose to meet me


the sun rose to meet me
this morning
i felt obliged
to reciprocate

despite my woes
my pains
and my sorrows

i chose to make the date
how could i jilt
my true lover?

and, as always,
my lover met me fully
and uncompromisingly

with these words 
‘I meet you fresh
yet you come to me
with your stories.
i burn brightly
for you
yet so often
you meet me
with your light dimmed.
throw off your shackles
of past and future
and just meet me
i will always
show up for you.’

i was glad
i showed up.
fat-old-sun-2 fat-old-sun