The Wind Blows a Gale

The wind blows a gale
On the south coast
And people get freaky
With it.
The sea cuts up rough
And the trees dance
As though possessed
By demons.
My mind scatters
In every direction
Looking for trouble
Convinced of imminent
I’ll have none of it
And stay true
To my sky nature.

It’s best not to take
Too personally
Or I may go insane
Like everyone else.

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Your Mind

Do not underestimate the power of your mind.
This mind is capable of many things.

Do not underestimate the power of your mind.
It can bring you down or it can lift you up.

This mind that makes the invisible

It has the power to change matter.
When the mind is aligned to love it is a force for good.
When mind is aligned to fear it turns toward hate
And unleashes its fury on the world.
There is nothing more destructive than a mind
That serves fear and hatred.
It brings an armageddon, like a
Thousand volcanoes.
Mind can kill you or heal you
It doesn’t care which.
Do not underestimate the power of your mind
It has no loyalty to you or anyone
Least of all you.
To your mind 
You are the subject,
You are a thing that needs protection.
To your mind it, itself, is King.

Mind unobserved is
An out of control train
Coming off the tracks.

It is your task to bring your mind
Into line so it serves
Your highest needs.
Through clarity and awareness
Through silence and inquiry
It will slowly settle down
Like an angry dog that needs soothing.
And then it will become your ally
Your greatest friend and servant.
Until then do not underestimate
The power of your mind.

Pier Underbelly Colour 3 copy

I Didn’t Come Here to Hide

I didn’t come to this place
To hide from everything 
I didn’t come to 
Lock myself away
And never show
My true face
I didn’t come to
Live by fear’s rules
That smother us in 
pretence and lies.

No, I came to live
I came here to shine 
My light
I came here to
And gamble
I came to taste
The nectar of love’s
Sweet fragrance
I came here to play
And most of all I came for

Bird on the Wing

Into the Valley of Darkness

Be not afraid
Of the darkness
Be instead
Afraid of
Those who pretend
There is no

Walk with innocent awareness
Into that valley.

Meet a thousand faces
Of fear
And the thunderous voice of doom
Meet the fury and rage
Of tempest
Trickery, deceit and cunning
Meet the many headed serpent
And feel her breath
On your skin
And hold fast
To trust
Hold on to love
Not the love of one for another
But the love that destroys
All that is not itself
The love that destroys illusion and delusion
The love that shatters the mirror of self
And kills Narcissus.



Earth Rage

humility got a bad rap

humility got a bad rap,
it seemed too close
to weakness.

the ego didn’t understand
its great benefits.
all it saw was the spectre
of its own death,
and thus humility
was cast into the wilderness.

only the wise
can be humble,
only one who
understands love
and the eternal
can whisper softly.

humility is great strength,
and the peaceful pacifier
of conflict
and war.

but it got a bad rap
and now no-one even talks
about it.

The Church
The Church

I Just Appeared and I Won’t Go Away

I am not trying to escape this world
Or this life
But I am trying to find some peace
With what’s been happening 
Since I arrived
And when I expect to leave.
Am I here or not here?
What is this thing that seems so real
Yet has all the characteristics
Of a dream?
Who is this I 
That is always with me,
The one I’m constantly taking about?
He is so demanding
And is determined to take over
The world.
Always the I is here
Running the show, making rules,
War mongering and spreading fear
Judging everything so harshly.
He first appeared shortly
After I arrived in this world
And I fully expect him to remain
Until I leave.

But how can I talk about I?
It’s not possible, it just creates an
I Loop.

Try not saying ‘I’ the whole day
And see what happens.
It will drive you insane.

I dare you.

If you can’t laugh about the paradoxical insanity of the spiritual quest,
You simply haven’t understood the joke.

Buddha is closed.
Buddha is closed.


I Am Not a Name

I will not be defined
By my name, age, culture or race
I am beyond all limitation.
Of course there is some part of me that is
What I am defined as,
But it is not the whole picture
It is not the whole story.
The undefined, the vast
Nameless, eternal, universal consciousness
Out of which everything arises and
To which everything returns
Is my true home
And my true nature.

When in rest in that knowing
I always return to peace.


Devotion and Authenticity

If I could show as much devotion as a dog shows
To it’s master,
If I could live each moment 
With the same authentic presence
And total innocence
I would surely display 
All the signs of enlightenment
We humans spend years
Searching for.

The window sash repair man brought his dog today. A labradoodle by the name of teddy, who has just been groomed and smelled divine..So I took his picture. He is a beauty.
The window sash repair man brought his dog today. A labradoodle by the name of teddy, who has just been groomed and smelled divine..So I took his picture. He is a beauty.