You Can Only Serve One Master

Man’s darkness
His inner demons
And denied pain
His runaway righteous ego
And his moral dereliction
Eventually brings him
To his knees

In this time of great asking
He chooses humility
Or he chooses war
He chooses to open his heart
Or he chooses denial and arrogance

He cannot choose both
You can only serve one master

Each of us faces a choice every day
Before, during and after the virus days
We will still face the same choice

Which master will we serve?

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

beauty in human form

beauty in human form
has nothing to do with looks or clothes

but has to do with heart and soul

when you meet someone beautiful
they will be full of love
generous of spirit
kind of nature
humble and humorous

this kind of beauty is rare

like a wild flower
growing in a forest

if you stumble upon it
bask in it’s simple beauty

if you are it
radiate your elegant wonder
you are a boon to
all beings