Within and Without

I stood under the eternal sky
And gazed upwards into infinity
There was no end to anything
It was all the divine

I sat with my own self
Turned my attention within
And saw the same infinity
And the same divine essence

Soon I understood
That within and without
Were exactly the same
And the only thing
That separated them
Was my mind’s insistence
On separation

That was the end
Of my mind’s dominance.

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

The Jewels In Your Heart

In your heart I see jewels
Rubies and emeralds
Diamonds and sapphire
Maybe a little dull and dusty
Hidden from the sun for so long
Neglected and half abandoned
Yet still they are there, waiting

Oh my friend of the long road
Neglect those precious stones no more
But seek to polish them with your surrender
With your willingness and resolve
And with your service to what is true in you

Everything wants to shine.

– Image by 5598375 from Pixabay

Court Beauty

The beauty I point to
Is not superficial, not a surface thing
Nothing the mind can grasp or interfere with
It cannot be bought or sold
Forced or manipulated

The beauty I speak of
Is only discovered through
A kind of courtship with the beloved
We may say it reveals itself
In surrender, in tenderness,
In our embracing of grief
Or as we fall into the unknown
And let go

As the tears flow into the world
The invisible intelligence
That lives inside everything
Is fed by those tears
And offers itself back to us as beauty
This is the true joy.

Image by kangbch from Pixabay

Listen to the Voice Within Everything

Friend, that is it, that whisper in the noise
That nudge, that birdsong in the early morning
The gentle breeze in the trees
The lapping of the waves on the shore
The cloud, the thunder, the rain
All of them pointing to the beauty

Don’t keep turning away
You are feeding the wrong garden
Listen to the voice within everything
Hear what is really being said
There is a secret language being spoken
Even human beings use it
Listen inside the words of your lover
Or your friend or enemy

When you learn to hear deeper
The whole world whispers to you
And you start to know the truth of things.

The Call of the Wild

We imagine the call of the wild
To be some kind of return
To our savage, unenlightened
Almost cave dweller type ways
Ways that we now consider disdainful

But that’s not the call of the wild
That is a regression to a past we have left

The true call of the wild
Is a call to beauty
To service and to nobility of spirit
It is a call to inner freedom
And a call to a kind of sovereignty
That knows itself and values itself

The call of the wild
Is a call to our true nature
As a lived experience

The fire inside us must be fed
Or it will, over time, lose its heat
And we will be left with dying embers.

Image by Faizal Sugi from Pixabay


To find the truth
You must look deep into your own heart
Into your soul and into your deepermost being

The spiritual wayfarer who tries to find truth
By accumulating knowledge
Will, quickly or slowly, find themselves at a dead end
With nowhere left to go but in

That is a beautiful moment
For then the journey really begins
As the knots and the protective layers
That cover up vulnerability
Are met, embraced and dived into
A profound deepening happens
And a great tenderness arises

By and by this opening and tenderness
Reveals itself as the truth
Not as a mental construct
But as a flower that opens
When its time comes

As a lived reality.

Image by Bessi from Pixabay

The Garden We Never Left

There is a garden
We are in it and of it
That garden is our essence
It is pure and innocent
All is well there
And harmony is its abiding state

Yet we had a thought of self
Imagination caught that thought
And separated itself
From all that is
In a fraction of a second
A divided world arose
A world of me against you
Us against them
A world of opposition
The world of duality
Which is, in truth, a servant of the divine
Become tyrannical ruler and autocrat

But the world of self
Was only ever an imagined one
A dream we believe is real

How do we get back to that garden?
By realizing that we never left it.

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

The Light Within

To discover the blazing light within
Is to discover the surrendered and innocent state
That is prior to any conditioning

To claim this and court it consciously
Is our inalienable right
As sovereign beings on this plane of existence

There is nothing wrong with anyone
Except thinking makes it so
But all this thinking is only the surface chatter
And deep below, way down,
Sometimes imperceptibly elusive
Is the blazing light
Of our essence

Throw off the shackles once and for all
And know the light that lights you
It is always there, but you have been wandering
Thinking you are lost, searching high and low,
For something that has never left you.

Image by marcelkessler from Pixabay

The Mind is The Problem, Not the Solution

The mind is capricious
It is complex and untrustworthy
The mind is a story teller
That feeds on old wounds
And a vivid imagination
It is the carrot dangler
And the harbinger of doom
When left to its own devices
It will rule you, fool you
And overrule you

We are enslaved to mind
As to a narcissist king
Pretending to be
An innocent servant

Without insight, depth and humility
Without reflection and a deeper wisdom
Without empathy, compassion and heart
We are destined to be at war for many a year
Mind and against mind
Self against self
People against people
When we are at war with ourselves
We have no chance of being at peace with others

So I have to declare my call
Make peace with yourself, my friend
Stop fighting with your mind
It doesn’t hold the solution
You must go deeper into the unknown
Like some mythological hero’s tale
You will have to venture into the dark
And conquer demons and dark shadows
There is no other way than within

Only by liberating yourself from mind’s tyranny
Will mind come back into service as exquisite technician

Without this deeper inquiry
Man is but a beast driven mad by his own pain
Unable to be present
He projects his pain outwards onto the world
Telling himself stories he then believes
Without really knowing the truth about anything

Our moment is here,
We live in extraordinary times
When the unravelling of falsehood is possible
But only when we develop our warrior nature.

Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay