Come To The Garden

Come with me
My downhearted one
Come into the garden
And meet your innocence
Come and see your joy intact
Your playfulness still alive
Come and smell the sweet fragrance
Of your beauty untarnished by life
Come, we will discover what is not broken,
Yes, we will encounter love,
Love at its finest, its bravest
Its most powerful
It may overwhelm you
But let this overwhelm be a way
Of remembering

And when you have seen the beauty
And tasted the nectar
And imbibed the fragrance
When you have touched the passion

You will be ready to return
But I warn you
Your heart will never close again
You will have to carry the fragrance of the garden
Until you leave this world
And everyone who meets you
Will wonder where you have been.

Photo by eddie howell on Unsplash

Tend to your Garden

Distracted by practicalities
He forgot to nurture his soul
Slowly his inner flower wilted
And beauty did perish
The light of love faded
And life became meaningless

Without the inner life
The life that brings joy and depth
We are little more than robots

Nurture and water the garden
Tend to it diligently with great care
It will feed you and ripen you
You will become a great tree
And others will come
To savor your fruit.
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

All Walking The Same Way

This is just the simplicity
Of coming back to honesty
Openness, kindness
And the tender way
Over and over and over
It’s not complex or tough to work out
It’s simple and requires only willingness
We walk, each of us at our own pace,
We stumble, we fall, we rise, we move on
We recognize that journey
In each other’s eyes and words
And it triggers compassion
But no lecturing about truth
What’s to teach?
No, we are simply walking the same way
Nothing more.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The Garden Within

There is a garden within each of us
Left unattended and neglected
It will wither and perish
Over time it will be overrun by weeds
And slowly it will decay and diminish

We fed this garden naturally
When we were children
We were the garden
And the garden was us
There was no separation

And then life happened
And the garden became neglected
It was forgotten or deemed unimportant

But when the garden is neglected
Joy dies, laughter turns serious
And the innocent celebration of life
Has no place

Feed this garden,
Shower it with attention
Love it, offer it beauty,
Clear out the weeds
Let it breathe again
Do whatever it takes
And, with loving patience,
It will spring back to life
And sweet innocent joy
Will return.

Innocence Remembered

In tenderness I came home to myself
A great resting happened
When I held myself softly
With open hands
The fighter relaxed
And the war ended

My friend, come close and I will whisper
Let them keep all their fighting
We will rest here in this sweetness

We build such walls around ourselves
These ill fitting masks that hide our sorrow
Let us put them down forever
And meet, naked and unashamed,
Tender and open as we once were
No more blame or guilt or shame
Just this tender innocence

But please, don’t let all my talk of tenderness
Fool you into imagining I am weak
For innocence is the power of the warrior
Cynicism is the easy path well trodden
But few traverse the path of innocence

Let our hearts become pure again
So we may feel the gentle rain
As it softens the garden.


This year, this next year of your existence
Give yourself fully to what is real
Within you
Don’t worry about awakening
That will take care of itself
But instead turn towards
Your resistance
Your pain
What you really hide from
And make a decision to expose it
To your own awareness
Allow this awareness
To hold it all without any attempt
To sort it out
Be done with sorting it out
Or working it out
But allow it all to just be there
Be ok in the devastation
Or the grief
Or the anger

Give yourself fully to what is real
But don’t get sucked into your own
Or anyone else’s drama
Don’t feed any more pain
Or judgement
It’s endless

Time runs out for us all
And you don’t grow younger
So now is the time
To put the search for awakening to one side
And look deeper within
There are jewels there
You have yet to discover
God is in there
Your radiant innocence waits there for you
Grace, acceptance and forgiveness are all there
You just have to go into the darkness
And empty

Love will take care of the rest.

Where the Divine Enters the World

Your vulnerability
Is where the light gets in
All this talk of searching and seeking
Keeps us occupied and busy
But it leads nowhere
It’s trick of the mind

You want freedom?

Then stop and get down on your knees
And admit your vulnerability
Admit your wounded heart
Get in touch with what’s real
Don’t turn away again
It’s too easy to join the others
And wear the mask of pretense

Your unique vulnerability
Is where the divine enters the world
Through the broken part
And when you say yes
And you humble yourself to it
You allow the flow of grace
Into your own life
And through you
Into the world

That’s the power of your wound.