A Collective Grief

And if an immense sadness
Approaching grief and overwhelm
Should fall upon you
Do not throw your hand
Or think there is something terribly wrong

For the opposite is true
Something right is happening in you
Albeit painful and difficult
There are two types of sadness and grief
The individual and the collective
And we cannot know which is which

Our emotional body is connected to the whole
But we are unaware of this
And this may cause us great pain
We are more connected to each other than we know
And we try so hard to maintain our separation

But we are in the time of collective suffering
And we are each barometers and holders of that grief
When the collective lie is great
It is the same as the pain of individual denial
Which is great

We cry, we grieve, we endure
We dance, we mourn, we shout
We rage, we pray, we love, we beseech
We laugh, we allow,
But we do not deny
And we are not ashamed of feeling fully.

Image by aaron son from Pixabay

The Wheel of Life

You say being kind in a hostile and dangerous world
A world full of endless trouble and suffering
Is naive and foolhardy

I say kindness is a display of wisdom and an embracing of innocence
And that, in the face of all life’s woes
Indeed, knowing the nature of existence itself,
To retreat into cynicism or closure
Increases suffering and unwillingness
And still doesn’t stop it

Eventually everything is taken
Eventually everything opens to its fate
We are all walking towards the same door
And life is inherently both tragic and ecstatic

Only an open heart and surrendered mind
Can allow the world to be as it is
Without rejecting it or trying to explain it
And that awareness will become kindness
When it is allowed to flow

Compassion is not a belief
It is a natural response
To the wheel of life.

Image by 272447 from Pixabay


To find the truth
You must look deep into your own heart
Into your soul and into your deepermost being

The spiritual wayfarer who tries to find truth
By accumulating knowledge
Will, quickly or slowly, find themselves at a dead end
With nowhere left to go but in

That is a beautiful moment
For then the journey really begins
As the knots and the protective layers
That cover up vulnerability
Are met, embraced and dived into
A profound deepening happens
And a great tenderness arises

By and by this opening and tenderness
Reveals itself as the truth
Not as a mental construct
But as a flower that opens
When its time comes

As a lived reality.

Image by Bessi from Pixabay

Time of Reflection While the Train Has Stopped

My prayer for us all
Is that we may take this time
To reflect on our lives
And to make new choices
If we find we have been caught
In the fray, and forgotten true value

When, after many decades of confusion,
I came home to love
I also came home to seeing
How easy it is to miss this life
How easy it is to miss the gift
And the gift is simple, there for both
Rich and poor
Woman and man, black and white
The simplicity and power
Of opening the heart
Whatever the circumstances
Whatever the injustice

True power is the power to care

Our train has been moving too fast
And suddenly it has stopped
A pause at some wayward station
And we get to breathe
And look at the view
And go inside
And decide who we want to be

And when the train, at some point,
Lurches back into its movement
Will be just go back to the same ways
Or will our hearts and minds have opened
And we will make new choices

It’s not up to them, it’s up to us.

Image by kalhh from Pixabay

Fragile Creatures

We are fragile creatures
Surrounded by loss
Our daily lives are lived
In an uncertainty
It is difficult to face
So we turn away, again and again,
But denial is no answer
To truth

The wise one
Holds uncertainty
And inevitability
As intimate companions
Yet identifies with neither
Choosing instead openness
And loving kindness

This is the choice
Either this
Or the agony of closure.

Image by ArtCoreStudios from Pixabay

Face the Storm Together

As another weary day
Of our new world
Draws to a close
A day of madness
And fear

It is important to remember
There has also been kindness
Courtesy, respect and humility
People have cared for each other
Listened to and loved each other
The human heart is still as strong
As it was the day before this global drama

It could be stronger by the time its over
We must not forget our goodness
Even in our insecurity and doubt
Even on this captainless ship
Sailing in the dark

We must keep on remembering
Our presence, our connectedness
And not let them dissolve under any weight

I wish you well, wherever you are
I wish you peace in your heart
I wish you wellbeing in your body
I wish you calmness in your mind
We are brothers and sisters
Caught in a storm we did not create
But we must not fight each other
Imagining the ship is sinking
We must hold each other close
And face the storm together.

Photo by Josep Castells on Unsplash

There is Goodness in This

There is goodness in this experience
If we can open to it and find it
There is a teaching, a blessing
Even in these anxious times

But we must dig deep
Down into the verticality
To the existential realm
Within ourselves

We must discover where our fear is
And what it is built on
Yes, we must find the foundations
Of our beliefs and our sense of self
And search in the mud
And in the darkness
And bring our honest inquiry
To what is true

To be trapped at home
Is imprisonment for some
And retreat for others
A suffocation for some
A reflection for others

I don’t know what the goodness is
We each have to find that for ourselves
Maybe it’s just the opportunity
To self reflect

I do know that the wise and the open
Will endeavor to find the blessing
In every experience
Even in the midst of hardship and fear.

Image by kangbch from Pixabay