Layers of Mystery

It’s ok to look at the world around you
And think it’s insane
That might be a sign
That something is right within you
That you are starting to see clearly
There are layers of mystery
To this existence
And when the veil begins to fall
It will look insane
Don’t stop there
Keep on walking, keep on falling
Revelation will meet you
And challenge you
And you may think you are losing your mind
That’s ok, lose your mind
And go beyond it
There is your true freedom.

from the mountain to the marketplace

i too have glimpsed the eternal undying
nature of consciousness

in a moment of enlightenment
i saw time dripping into form
from the timeless
and i sat, stunned like kabir
at the turning of the wheel

yet still i had to return
to the mundane
to the shop and bank
to this life and all its suffering

and still mind chatted away
oblivious to the wonders i had seen
or the glory of my cosmic vision
it was as though my mind
had a loathing for all things
it didn’t comprehend

maybe it has glimpsed its own demise?

and thus my life became
a dance between
the formless and the form
and i realized this

mind is tenacious
it wont let go it’s steely grip easily
mind is a trickster
it will tell you, you have found gold
but it will be a yellow wrapper
mind does not want your liberation
but will tell you it does
and will abandon you
at the final moment

but don’t get me wrong
mind is a great friend and support
in this world
just don’t trust it
to tell you
who you really are
or what the heck is going on

so what am am i saying?

i am saying it is easy to catch a glimpse
of the ineffable beyond
or the great wheel turning in the heavens
but it is quite another bringing that
realization into your affairs
in the market place
or when someone cuts you up
on the road
but if your spiritual truth
doesn’t make it into your daily life
as a living reality
it’s just philosophy
not revolution.

time based and body bound

what are we
beyond all this?

locked up in these shells
time based and body bound

subject to cosmic laws
we don’t understand

we grapple and struggle
to make sense of this
we plead with the wise
to explain
our predicament

we search the heavens
for company

but we remain
time based and body bound
each of us
a momentary appearance

in the mind of god

each time i try and
understand all this
my mind collapses
and i am left without words.

Thinking Is The Problem

Do not look to the world for your salvation
But go deep inside yourself
And return to that state
Of utter stillness and grace
Before mind starts
Grabbing and measuring
And judging
Don’t move!
Stay in that garden of love
And rest among the flowers and bees
Relax and let the world become the whisper
Of an insect somewhere in the distance.

The truth is we are blessed
And cursed by thinking

It liberates us and draws us up
We create and design and imagine
But it torments us and tortures us
When it runs out of control

So stay in that garden of love
And let your own mind
Be like the sound of an insect
Somewhere in the distance.

the incessant chatter of an over protective mind

eventually i became
utterly weary
of the mechanism
of mind.

a lifetime of listening
to the stories
the pathological
for its righteousness
its fear and caution
and its over protective
and not forgetting its
wild projection onto the
canvas of mystery

has rendered me
weary of it.

so i have stopped
giving it my allegiance
and when it drags
me back
to thinking
i am it
or it is me
all i do is remember 
the truth.

it is not who i am.

it is not who you are.

we own mind and let it own us.
that is the problem.

one mind and 7 billion variations.

i wonder if you know 
what i’m trying to say?
Selfie for Selfie Sake

my restless mind

oh! still my restless mind
that drags me
here and there
like a dog
with a rag doll.

stop it!
this endless
with past and future
with what is missing
and what is wrong
and what you like
and don’t like
it is like an itch
i can never scratch
and under every offer
of satisfaction
is this restlessness

i see your game
and you taunt me with
your offers of peace
and satisfaction.

you, who offers
and never delivers
you do not exist for me
but for yourself
and turn me to
the ultimate
addict, like
everyone else,
addicted to my own mind
and the false promise
of peace.

i know your game
yet still you pull me
hither and thither.
you stole all
my power
so long ago
before i even noticed.

but now i see you
and i know you
and slowly your
stranglehold on
my life
is diminishing
and there is nothing
you can do.

the truth is you are
and the only power you have
is the power
i give you.
i will not give
my power
to a tyrant
and a dealer of lies.

oh! still my restless mind.
Local Husky