a tale told by a busy mind

i am love returned to you
i am what you see
in the mirror
but cannot face
your secret heart
your true reflection
and face within face within face
even though you may see
a thousand things each day you look
and make a thousand judgements
and carry a thousand fears
i am here
patient and silent
sometimes you see me
and then i vanish,
dissolved by judgments and stories
of past or future
for only in the present moment
can you truly see me

don’t worry dear one,
we have always been together anyway
and one day you will know me as your own sweet self
this life is a sweet and sour game
a ride, a carnival of dreams
a tale told by a busy mind
and only a return to love
is certain
for you.

coyote wisdom of the trickster

Coyote on the Trail Today

the poetry of the divine fool
his teaching says
‘do not get carried away
with yourself,
the truth is
you know nothing,
don’t get carried away
pretending you have
the keys to the palace of wisdom,
the greatest wisdom
is in knowing
that you know nothing

dance in the irony,
in the mystery,
dance in the madness
but remember
you are a fool
a clown
and a joker

and therein
lies your freedom.

Coyote on the Trail

this world needs lovers

i would love to show you the spendour of your true self
i would love to tear down the walls that hide your magnificence
and say ‘there you are!’ 
and watch as you fall to the floor
tears flowing and heart blown wide open
into unconditional love
i would give everything to tear off the mask
that prevents you from seeing
who you really are…

you, i mean you
you who reads these words
not my intimate lover
not even a self penned poem
but you

this world needs lovers
it needs the magnificent ones
the trail blazers
the ones blown open
and unafraid of anything fear can offer

and only when each of us accepts our own magnificence
and glory as the light of god
beyond all recrimination of the mind
will we become an army of lovers
ready to rid the world of fear and hate

this is a a poem of transcendence not belief
its not about religion it’s about freedom from religion
only when one has gone beyond all belief systems
beyond the mind’s constant need to judge and measure
can one be free
and the free are always full of love and truth

this world needs lovers not haters
and that is you and me, my friend.


you are an illusion

you take yourself to be a thing
an object, a person
but this is a big mistake
and a sad prison

you are not a thing
you are movement,
a process, a river of consciousness
manifesting itself
over and over

you are an unfolding
and a folding
don’t get fooled into
fixing yourself
in space and time
or you will never
be able to swim
and let go fully
into your life

this you
that seems so real
is all smoke and mirrors
a grand illusion
and a tricksters hustle
and it has you
like the charmer has the snake

c’mon, let us awaken
you and i
and celebrate
our death
and eternal birth.

let loose your imagination

let loose your imagination
untether the ropes that hold it down
and, like a giant balloon,
let it soar skyward
but hold on to its ropes
and do not let it escape you 
let it carry you
to a destination
only your soul
and god knows.

do not deny it
or hide from it
for a trapped dream
and a denied imagination
eventually turns
upon you
and starts to devour
your life
you feed it
or it will eat you

let it loose
and then serve it
with your courage
and willingness
to stretch beyond
your comfort zone

and your life will suddenly
have purpose and meaning
and you will grow new branches 
and flower into a beautiful 
act of creation.

wood smoke and coffee

there are two smells
that ignite my love
of incarnation
even on a sleepy
reluctant morning…
woodsmoke and coffee.
one makes me want to
retreat and hide in the woods
live a life of solitariness
with just a dog
for company
the other makes me
keen to take my place
in the great market place
and live life fully NOW

Ah yes, one pulls me away
and the other pulls me closer
i love them both

the world is a mirror held by God

we look outwards
piercing the world
with our hopes, dreams
thoughts, beliefs and fears
but really, what is this thing
we call the world out there?

i have seen this:
there is no world out there
when you die
where is the world?

there is only you
and your experience
the world appears
within your experience
it holds up a mirror
to try and show you
who you really are
but you just can’t see clearly enough
and the delusion is
that you see what you think you are
and take it to be real
and take it so seriously
you would die
over it, and kill over it.

that is the error of man
that he takes his delusion 
to be real

meanwhile the eternal mirror
shines back the truth.

oh humanity!
lost and wandering
in the garden
you are in a desert
surrounded by water
and bounty
you are parched
and starving

i beseech thee
awaken from this
and shake off
the long night
with its demons and ghosts
and meet the day
with open eyes
and an innocent heart.

on this thanksgiving day

i am reminded
not to spend all my gratitude now
but to spread it evenly
over the other three hundred
and sixty four days
and not to just give it to
the ones i am with
but to share it evenly
among friends and strangers alike
and not to give it just to people
but to offer it fully
to whatever
brought me here
and to be grateful to all life