This is it
I am leaving wordpress after 5 years of poetry

It has been wonderful
But enough is enough

If you want to stay in touch and follow my poetry
You can find me on substack

My subscription will run until the end of this month and then expire.

Thank you so much for following me, liking my poems and paying some attention.
The poetry is not stopping, only my chosen and preferred platform.
I still do all my poetry free and substack is no different.

So if you fancy continuing the journey jump on.
Otherwise be well and be blessed.

Kavi Jezzie Hockaday

The Divine and the Human

The sun arrived on time
To greet the cold moon
They were good friends
And went back a long way
Even though they were very different
The sun, after all, was always blazing and radiant
As supreme consciousness
While the moon ebbed and flowed
Like feelings themselves
Watery and human

I stood by the resplendent bay
And wondered why, if our greatest teachers,
The sun and moon
Have no problem
In fact they dance with each other happily
What, I thought,
Is our problem?

Oh! human
Wake up to your divine nature
You are lost in your humanness
But that is not the whole picture
And excluding your divine nature
Will leave you dried up
And miserable

Go to the ocean just before dawn
And see how
There is no conflict
Between the absolute
And the relative worlds
Between the depth of feeling
And exalted pristine consciousness

And carry that truth with you always.

New Mexico

We have fallen in love
With enchantment itself
When we set foot
In New Mexico
It was like returning home
For both of us
We saw it in the sky
As the afternoon clouds gathered
To rain love on the dry earth
And felt it underfoot
On the dusty winding trails
It resounded in the curved walls
Of deep orange adobe
And in the very essence of all things
That are born and die there
We saw the rest of our weary days
Spent painting, writing, laughing, walking
Making music
And walking the two dogs
Who would find us
Such a longing has come upon us
For this aloneness
Just kicking around the desert
As the light fades

Make it so…


in your eyes

in your eyes
a hundred thousand stars
illuminate the night sky
the universe swings
back and forth
and time drips
moment by divine moment
into form
when i look in your eyes
i see the whole of eternity
awake and alive
i see magnificence
a miracle
i see all life
looking back at me
grief, sadness, heartbreak
joy, beauty and hope
and i see death’s mantle
that brings an urgency
to every action
in your eyes
i see a window
to myself
and to all beings
sometimes i fall
into those jewels
and let myself go
oh sweet joy.



stillness and movement

this morning i looked out
and saw a wondrous sight
this vast empty fullness met me
an ocean stretched out in blue perfection
seemed to kiss the sky as it came down to greet it.
the pacific!
and as i watched it roll and shimmer and crash upon the shore
it seemed so still yet so fluid
such stillness and movement
and i wondered why it is so hard for us
to be like this
today the ocean is my master.

I am in Muir Beach, California.

a tale told by a busy mind

i am love returned to you
i am what you see
in the mirror
but cannot face
your secret heart
your true reflection
and face within face within face
even though you may see
a thousand things each day you look
and make a thousand judgements
and carry a thousand fears
i am here
patient and silent
sometimes you see me
and then i vanish,
dissolved by judgments and stories
of past or future
for only in the present moment
can you truly see me

don’t worry dear one,
we have always been together anyway
and one day you will know me as your own sweet self
this life is a sweet and sour game
a ride, a carnival of dreams
a tale told by a busy mind
and only a return to love
is certain
for you.

falling with hands open

yesterday it all seemed so clear and bright
today the dark clouds have returned
and the sky hangs heavy
with foreboding

yesterday i was the bird untethered and free
today i am an innocent man
tied to the mast of his own vessel
as the boat skews this way and that
in the raging storm

yesterday there was love in my heart
today there is a fear in my veins
like a poison

the only antidote to all this
is abiding acceptance
like a forever falling
into an eternal well

most of us are struggling
to hold on to something
but when everything turns to dust
the wise learn
to fall with their hands open.

enjoying the unformed realm

this poetry is an elusive trickster
when i want it to be there
it disappears

it does not respond
to command

but instead
seems to live it’s own life
freely unconcerned
with what i want

any sign of wanting
on my part
and it’s off
hiding in the ether
enjoying the unformed realm

so what can i do?
i have no plan
not building a career
or a platform
not trying to be anything
or get anywhere


i simply have to allow the waves
to rise and fall
guided as they are
by some unseen hand
some mysterious intelligence

the same intelligence that runs the whole show.

it’s ok

it’s ok to wake up with silence in your heart
even on a day like today
it’s ok, don’t put on the mask
just be tender and quiet

there is enough time
for everything else
but this tender sweetness
is something to savor

drink of the nectar of stillness
and it will nourish you
and prepare you
for all the doing to come.

this morning i sat at dawn
and took this picture
the sense of peace was astonishing
In Sausalito, San Francisco, California.

the face in the mirror

i have looked in the mirror
and seen many faces
i have seen fear and love
anguish and regret
joy and celebration
staring back from some unknown place

i have seen the flicker of time passing
in those eyes
stared wildly as creatures, gods,
archetypes, rise and fall
like wild snake waves writhing
in a petulant sea

i realized once
that you can never see yourself
as you are
that what we see, that vision we stare at
each morning and each evening
the one we glimpse
in shop windows as we pass
is not us
it is our ghost, our shadow
a reflection and a projection,
but not us

there is no point looking for your self
in the mirror
all you will see is
the time bound
and you are so much more than that….

to know your true face you must look beyond
what this world offers you
see through the veil
beyond the ephemeral
and find what is real.