Everyone Can Fly

Once your wings start flapping
Their flaps of freedom
Once you leap from the nest
And that initial terrifying moment happens
And the wings open
And you start flying
Don’t stop
Don’t over analyze
Why your wings are flapping
Don’t think too much
Don’t look back
Don’t look down
Don’t panic
Or overflap
Just keeping flying
Until it starts to happen
By itself
And it will

That’s how change happens
It’s not in the mind
No theorizing can do it
But leaping, with enough preparation
So you actually know about flying
But then when it’s time
Leaping, flying, soaring
Trusting, persisting, surfing

That’s how birds do it
That’s how I do it
That’s how we do it

I thought I couldn’t fly
Until I actually opened my wings and jumped
Then I realized I was pretty good at it

And I’m no different to you.

Photo by Irina Blok on Unsplash

Become a Lover

Fall in love again and again
Don’t worry about your heart breaking
Go deeper and deeper
Become a lover of what is
Don’t be stingy with love
It is pouring in from the vast
A never ending supply

Don’t be meagre with love
A little bit here
And a little bit there
No, be generous
Over deliver
Allow love’s bounty
To burst into this world
Be the faucet through which
Love’s healing water flows

Fall in love
Be in love
Be love
Don’t wait for love
To happen to you
Love is waiting for you!
Be utterly and totally available
For love
Say ‘YES I am here,
What would you have me do?’

And love will find you
And point you
And invite you, challenge you
And caress you

Fall in love, again and again
There is only the beloved
You are that, I am that
We are that
All faces of the beloved
Shining out with our eyes
Love looking for itself

I Stay With Love

While others stray off into righteousness
I stay with love
When they fall back into rigid beliefs
I stay with love
When fear strikes, again and again,
I stay with love
When mind screams ‘NO!’
I stay with love
Even when I hear myself
Railing against the world
And the cruelty and suffering around me
I stay with love

I discovered love
To be the only ground
Worth walking on
The only reliable guide
The only real truth I need
So I gave my allegiance to it
No matter what happens
I stay with love
Even if the world destroys itself
I will stay with love
It’s no longer an option

If you must have a mantra
Let it be this:
I stay with love.

The Vastness Within

There is a vastness within us
Beyond the small clutching self
When we discover it
It lights up our lives forever
Even when we seem to lose it
Still we know it is there
And we seek it and search for it
Knowing there is more to life
Than we could have imagined

Some stumble upon this vastness
By accident, an epiphany, an awakening
Others, through gradual erosion of the rock of self,
Arrive at an inner cathedral

None of this matters
The how does not matter
There is no one way to arrive
What matters is only our ability
To establish ourselves
In this new home
And to live from it
Not as a dry philosophy
But as a lived reality
A living, breathing vibration
That pours forth into others
Touching and transforming
Everything it meets

Serve that vastness my friend
Until the vastness serves you.

Photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash

This Fragile Life

If life hasn’t brought you to your knees yet
Don’t worry, it will,
Or maybe you have built a wall
Around your heart
Keeping the harsh world out
And vulnerability in
That’s ok too
It’s understandable

But now you know different
And you know that it’s time
To take down the wall
To lower the defenses
Lest they become your prison

And allow this life
This fragile human experience
To bring you to your knees
And to find a way
Of being ok with that truth
Without the need to turn away.

I Can Offer You Courage

I will not offer you any illusions here
No phony mask of spiritual perfection
No claim to have become untouched
By the human experience
No arrogance or righteousness
I will not offer you dogma or pomposity

All I can offer is my own experience
What lies in my heart,
And in that part we may call soul
I can offer you lessons learned
On the perilous journey
I can tell you how I remembered myself
When I was forgotten
How I came to only speak of love
When most of my life
I could not even say the word

I can remind you, tease you, nudge you
But mostly I will only invite you
Deeper into yourself
You know who you are,
You have the wisdom,
No one can give it to you
All you need is the courage and the daring

I am here to give you that courage
Everyone is on the same path
No better or worse
No greater or lesser
Everyone is utterly equal in the eyes of God.