With dignity and strength
With softness and power
With vulnerability and resolve
With conviction and purpose
With the wounds
And the pain
Without loss or gain
Without ego or shame
Without pride of having arrived
Or the feeling that you didn’t belong

But with knowing you have a place
Despite what others may have said
Or what you may have believed
Despite all the conditioning
And injustice

You are called to
Into the world
Without anyone else’s authority
Or permission or approval
That is my inalienable right
And I claim it

This is such a powerful ritual to perform.

  • Image by 272447 from Pixabay

The Door of True Power

The key to inner freedom
Lies in a door in the center of the chest
Not through the myopic lens
Of the five senses tunnel
That feeds the mind
Or the emotional body
That projects its trauma and wounds

The power we seek
Is the door in the chest that, when opened
Allows the greatest power we have,
Unconditional love, to be liberated

Love knows what to do, and does it
This love is not personal love
We may call it the power of universal love
It is the root of right action
And may be the only true way we have
To overcome mind’s fear

All our individual and collective power is inside that door
And as long os it is closed
We are locked out of our inner authority
No one can open it for us
And opening it is an act of free will

Knowing this, what do we do.

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Aim Your Arrow High

The call has come
To rise and shine
To aim your arrow high
To hold your nerve
And, with great dignity,
Meet the world, over and over,
With an inner glow,
Humble yet proud

You have done nothing wrong
Did you read that?
So why the apologetic manner?
Why the guilt, the shame,
Why the withholding?

Finish with that nonsense
It no longer serves you or the world
And make a deep prayer, a resolution, a commitment
And stay with it, and see where you fall,
And forgive yourself and get back on,
Be done with the inner apologist

I don’t mean embolden your ego
I mean be as true and as certain as an arrow
You, who hide your light,
Don’t tell me there isn’t a secret longing
Within your deep
A longing to shine, to just shine as yourself

Well no one will twist your arm
No one will force you
That’s your choice,
Your will
It may be the only power you have
The power to realize
There is no authority outside you
And you cannot keep
Giving yourself away like this

The call has come
To rise and shine
To aim your arrow high
Oh blessed one.

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

Be A Leader

There comes a time in each life
When you stop following others
And you start forging 
Your own path

Only by forging 
Your own path
Do you really grow

While still a follower
There is a part,
A most important part,
That hides away
And finds its security
Behind the leader

But to step out
Into the light
Of ones own authority
And to become 
The leader
In ones own life
Unleashes a new power.

This power changes everything
And it elevates you
To a maturity and standing
That others see and are drawn to

At some point
You must say
“I am no longer looking outside myself
For what I think I need
There is no more lack
And I fully step into my own power
To shine a light.’