From Worry to Acceptance

Worry haunts the future
Regret haunts the past

Between those two ghosts of imagination
We try and live fully in the present
But so often fail

When we see both worry and regret
As the ghosts they are
And learn to pay them no mind
Without resenting them

We relax into the acceptance of all of it
Without pushing and pulling
Without cherry picking what we like
And pushing away what we don’t like

Just stop fighting with your experience
It doesn’t lead to happiness.

the poetry of small things done beautifully

there is a sweetness in simplicity
when you slow down enough
to become present
to each and every action
without distracted mind
without wishing you were some place else
but doing the thing you are doing
i learned this through the great art
of washing up
it brings me such great pleasure
this simple joy
is presence
a communion with life
an undoing doing
i don’t rush
or neglect
neither do i fret
i just pay attention
and allow it to happen
as if by itself
such is
the poetry of small things done beautifully

i pray this secret joy
is not forgotten
in the pursuit
of importance.

Photo by Catt Liu on Unsplash