My Secret for True Relationship

I just showed up
And loved her in a way that was true
Fully and unconditionally
No limits and total devotion
I made her laugh
And I spoke poetry to her
We played and danced and
I sang songs to her
When I screwed up
I faced it
When I was hurt I shared it
I let my guard down
And showed myself
I listened and didn’t try and fix
And most of all
I adored her
And saw her brilliance
And genius and radiance
And decided to serve that force
For the rest of my life.

this ordinary ecstasy


arrived out of the demolition

of self

before love’s truth could flower

all the weeds had to die

don’t imagine it is easy

to surrender the desperate self

but know it is necessary

if love is to blossom

meeting another with no defense

with no armor and no weapons

brings into existence

an ordinary ecstasy

that is worth every moment

of the death rattle

of the one that clings to life.

all relationships are intimate

it’s not just your lover
or that special one,
the one you trust and share your innermost with.

without even realizing it
you are being intimate with everyone

just below the surface of our perceived reality
we are sharing secrets and messages with each other
through gestures, words, expressions, body language and electric signals
we tell each other who we are and what we are about
we can’t help it, it’s our design
and everyone is doing it

we imagine all our relating happens on the surface
but oh! how innocent that thought is, and how wrong

the ocean doesn’t relate on the surface alone
imagine if the ocean were just the waves !
its impossible
you can’t imagine the wave without the ocean

and so it is, everything we do is intimate
all relationships are intimate
and its ok

the future is all about knowing this
because relationships are the key to evolution.