Find Stillness, Wisdom Follows

There is a river of intelligence
That runs through us
A silent stream of goodness and wisdom
That may guide our hand and mind
A gentle nudge or a gut feeling
Or an inner voice that whispers in our ear
This is our true navigation

It is beyond reason
Beyond all information
And beyond mind
It can only be heard in peaceful abiding

The grace of the dawn as it silently arrives
Invites even the most timid bird to sing its courting song

Find stillness and inner wisdom will follow.

The Folly of Control

We are passengers, crew, captain and ship
We sail on unknown oceans
We set our sights on one land
And arrive in another
What strange wind blew us?
Were we off course
Or did some unknown intelligence
Guide us there?
We make plans
But there are larger forces at work
That hijack and steal our great vision
And cast it aside like an unwanted toy
So what do we do?

Friend, we must play the game anyway
But never imagine we are in control
Keep one eye forever
On whatever it is that
Really pulls the strings.

all relationships are intimate

it’s not just your lover
or that special one,
the one you trust and share your innermost with.

without even realizing it
you are being intimate with everyone

just below the surface of our perceived reality
we are sharing secrets and messages with each other
through gestures, words, expressions, body language and electric signals
we tell each other who we are and what we are about
we can’t help it, it’s our design
and everyone is doing it

we imagine all our relating happens on the surface
but oh! how innocent that thought is, and how wrong

the ocean doesn’t relate on the surface alone
imagine if the ocean were just the waves !
its impossible
you can’t imagine the wave without the ocean

and so it is, everything we do is intimate
all relationships are intimate
and its ok

the future is all about knowing this
because relationships are the key to evolution.

LOVE – everything else is a distraction

when it comes
when your time comes
to leave this place
all you will remember is love

not how much love you got
or even the love of someone
but the love deep in your soul and your heart

you may remember
the times you turned away from love
or built a home in fear

and all this may happen
in one moment
as your life flashes
in front of you

it wont matter about your riches or your poverty
your success or failure
your fame or your anonymity
all of this will be rendered as dust

but love will endure because it is everything
which is why it is the hardest truth to fully live

LOVE – everything else is a distraction

experiences are like an insatiable addiction

sometimes i run through the streets of sausalito
and i see hundred of tourists
they seem to look everywhere
up down all around
and yet none of them are present
they have cameras
all of them
taking pictures of everything
especially themselves
and yet none of them are present

i would trade
all that wandering around
looking at things
for a sweet moment
of presence

all you have to do is stop still
and there it is
and yet this stopping still
is so hard
to the mind
that just wants experiences

experiences are like an insatiable addiction
and only when you stop can you see
how addicted you were.

time based and body bound

what are we
beyond all this?

locked up in these shells
time based and body bound

subject to cosmic laws
we don’t understand

we grapple and struggle
to make sense of this
we plead with the wise
to explain
our predicament

we search the heavens
for company

but we remain
time based and body bound
each of us
a momentary appearance

in the mind of god

each time i try and
understand all this
my mind collapses
and i am left without words.

we hide in the illusion

each day the pattern is the same
and we face an existential abyss
of being

standing between the story
and the story less
between the past and future
and the eternal present

we hide in the illusion
and pretend it’s real
we build the world
and fight our wars
feather our nests
and do our chores

anything but face the truth
that when we stop
all the chasing and running
we meet the void
and fall to our death

our glorious death
that brings life
and awakens us
to the splendor of reality

you can play in the illusion
but never take it too seriously
or your suffering, and the suffering of those around you
will be great.

the sea is awake

the sea is awake
today it sang to me of love and sadness
and whispered sweetness
as it shivered and rolled

the sea is alive
a creature
a god
that appears as one
and yet is many
it holds life, gives life, ends life
and it is life

the sea is beauty to behold
and is my teacher
it teaches me
everything i need to know
about form and formlessness

oh yes! the sea is awake
and i am in love 

sea-is-awake-2 sea-is-awake-3 sea-is-awake sf-in-darkness

the ocean spoke to me

as i sat by the bay
i could feel the ocean
breathing in and out
like an enormous
that spreads everywhere
with its flowing nature
i listened quietly
as it whispered
through its breathing
its words were intimate
and private
yet it was its presence 
and stillness
that really spoke to me

it calmed my troubles
and eased my turbulent mind

i wondered how it so effectively
communicated its essence to me
without actually speaking?

and i decided to do the same in my life.

Awareness Walking…into Starbucks

No arms, legs, feet or body
No sense of someone taking
These steps
No me left to own this
Yet still a hello
Comes from the mouth
A smile to a passerby
And a soft appreciation
Of the morning fog
Here in Sausalito

I disappeared somewhere back there
And now there is just
Awareness walking
Wide awake and utterly open
Crystal clear
Yet also
Like a beautiful dream
Of silence
Awareness walks on
Past the shops and the coffee cafes
Tempting one and all
With delicious aroma
Awareness walks in smiling
Surrendered to desire
And approaches the counter
‘What can I get you?’
A voice appears
From the silence…….tbc