Dance of the Soul

Let it be like a dance of the soul
This beauty deep within
A celebration that cannot be named
May it include all our grief and joy
All our loved ones will be there
Regret and loss welcomed
Failure will be championed with open arms
Nothing excluded from the party

Just this unknowable dance of the soul
As it weaves its mysterious way to love

We have moments when it all seems so clear
And then we sweep down into confusion
We know life, we can feel its truth within
And then we know nothing
And it all seems so terrible and painful
This is the exquisite and agonizing dance
The dance of opposites
The dance of paradox
The dance of the temporary
Celebrating it all
Even as it hurts so much

There is such beauty in the soul
I have turned towards that beauty
And now I see nothing else.

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

The Separation of Man and God

When Man and God were separated
It was the singularly most destructive action
That resulted in Man’s powerlessness
And the rise of the devil within, ego
Abandoned by God
Ego was free to rule Man’s inner world
Unchecked and without balance
Man lost his essence
And became enslaved to the idea
Of an outer authority

Separated from his salvation
And his truth
He was alone and scared
His life meaningless and bereft
Out of this abandonment
Did the ego take hold
And come to dominate

Thus did Man fall prey
To addiction, to seeking wholeness outside himself
And become subject to manipulation
By those offering him
A route back to the God
He was once intimate with

Only the return of God
Of godliness, of goodness
The reconciliation of Man and God
Will restore inner harmony
And return him, and her, to wholeness
And end this tyranny of ego

Anything less than the
Wholesale return of God
To the heart and soul
Of Man and Woman
Will perpetuate this enslavement
And there will never be peace.

When I use the term Man I am intending to mean both men and women.
Please forgive me, I am using the singular term for simple expedience.

you are in my heart

even though i am helpless
to help you
i hold you close
in my tender heart
a heart broken open to love
whose healing waters have flooded
the dry and arid plains
of the mind’s defenses
a heart that sees the soul’s truth
beyond the petty games we humans play
the soul is love
it loves you no matter what you do
unconcerned with ideas
of success or failure
happiness or misery
the soul is love
always free
always as free as the eagle
that soars
into the heavens

so don’t worry
about anything
just see if you can
touch your soul’s sweet truth


Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash

The Mystic Within

There is a mystic within you

They may be hidden deep inside
Covered over by layers of concrete and mortar

There is a wild one
Who does not measure things
In the ways of modern man

Don’t think our ancestors died long ago
Oh no
They live inside us

We locked up the wild man and woman
Fearing they were base and primitive
But it is the jailer himself
Who is in prison

This wildness I speak of is our poetry
Our dance and our longing
It is our search for the deepest love

It is that which truly sustains us
And gives life to this bag of bones and fluid

Whatever else you do with this precious life
Don’t abandon your inner wild one
You don’t have to run naked in the street
All you have to do is follow
Your deepest yearning

And be true to your heart.

The Words Point To The Soul

The words we use
All of them
In poetry, in anger and in love
The letters we write
And the speeches we make
All of them are telling a story
About us
Not just what we believe and think
But who we are deep inside
Words point to the soul
All the time
If you really listen with an open awareness
You will hear this

When people speak to me
I can tell who they are and what they love, fear and desire
After a few short sentences

Many years ago
I was given the name Kavi
At first I rejected it and feared it
But slowly I grew to love it
And then I became it

Kavi is sanskrit for poem or poet

cathedral of your soul

the mind talks narrative
it loves a good story
and wants you
to believe it
but mostly all it writes
is fiction

but your soul
speaks poetry
it describes a world
beyond all these stories
a world
the mind can only imagine

what the mind imagines,
is real for the soul

allow your consciousness to fall
forever, landing nowhere
opening so wide
everything falls in

and in that falling
you will fall past your heart
and find yourself
in the cathedral of your soul
and in that grandest of places
everything is beauty
if you can make your home
in this place
you will never worry
about anything again

and we will meet there
in silent awe and wonder.

Let Your Soul Light Shine

In the final moments of life
As you draw your last breath
And this world begins to dissolve
It will not be what you own
Or what you have done
That you remember

It will be what happened
In your heart and soul

These are the two parts of you
That transcend this reality

And you carry them with you
Into the other dimension

And that is why I say
‘Live from your soul and from your heart.’

truth is not a belief

truth, like love itself
is not something you believe in
but something you feel
in your bones, in your skin
and in your blood
it is the very essence of your being
the stuff of life
the fabric of the coat you wear
it is within you and outside you
in all things
it is not something ephemeral
or changeable like the weather
but is ever present
regardless of beliefs and paradigms
find that and you will have discovered
the mine of jewels
and there will no longer
be any need to search
for meaning
in this world

come closer and stop

come closer dear friend

draw near and drop your guard
there are secrets i have
to share with you
that will change everything
and open a door to your soul
i will give you the key
so you can come and go freely
but you must come close
and listen from a place
beyond your mind
you must receive my words
as a lake allows a stone
to sink silently
to the bottom
and stop all its movement