Don’t Wait

Don’t wait any longer
Don’t do it, don’t play the waiting game
Whatever you are waiting for before you rise
Before you shine, before you embrace the love inside
Before you step into authority
Before you unleash your creative vulnerability
And expression
Before you speak truth and love to power
Before you declare yourself
Don’t wait, it’s a trick
Feel it now, and when you feel it now
Allow it to fill your cellular body
With possibility, with excitement, with potential
As it flows into your blood, cleanses out the old
As it sweeps away hesitancy and caution
Fear and whatever old conditioning still exists
Don’t wait
Even if you don’t yet take any action
Allow yes to flood into your no body
Become a warrior, just because you can
Don’t wait for anyone to confer it on you
No one can do it, not king or queen or guru or teacher
Only you, and when you see the trick of time
That may endlessly defer it
Because of fear, or vulnerability or something else
You will see…it is now
Not soon, not in a while
But now

This life is over so quickly
And only love matters
And you are that
Nothing can harm you
And there is nothing real to fear

Don’t wait.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

YOU Are Time and the Eternal

You are the enigma, my friend,
You are the puzzle, the paradox
You carry eternity within you
Your body is the universe
Your spirit is of the heavens
The stars themselves are your ancestral roots

And yet you are governed by time
Each thought rises and falls like a wave
The body perishes
The day’s come and go
You worry about time slipping away
One foot in the bound world
And one in eternity

If you lean too much one way
And forget your eternal nature
You become attached and anxious
Ruled by the great god time
Fearful and imprisoned

If you lean too much the other way
You dismiss your time bound self
And languish in the absolute
Detached and aloof
Head in the clouds, inaccessible

No, your task is,
With the skill and grace
Of a master warrior,
To carry the paradox
Everywhere at all times

This is the great and noble art
To be divine AND human
In the world AND not in the world

And when you can carry this paradox
Into all corners of your life
With dignity and humility
A great and secret doorway will open to you
For it is on the cross
Of time and eternity
That enlightenment happens
And peace becomes us

Time and the Eternal
Are the cross
Upon which
We are all crucified

I say, ‘Go willingly to your death,
You will be surprised by what dies
And what truly lives.’

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour

No Destination But Here

Who are we
Going nowhere
As fast as possible
What destination
Do we imagine
Lies ahead
That causes us
To hurtle forward
At the expense
Of living here and now

The truth is
It is our imagination itself
That dangles the carrot
In front of our donkey faces

I have looked into the future
And recognized it is there anyway
Whether I race towards it or not
In fact the most terrifying thing of all
Is that it’s like a an unstoppable tsunami

Time makes the future an inevitability
We are powerless to stop

And yet the deeper we go inside ourselves
We may find
That which is beyond time itself
Beyond imagination of future and past
And that is where we might, through grace,
Find some peace
In the timeless place within
In the silence and emptiness beyond form

There is no destination but here.

What if there is no meaning to this?

I fell, a thousand thousand years of falling
And arrived, screaming
Into this
From an eternity of nothing, no-thing at all
To this something
This briefest moment
This breath in and breath out

I have railed and cried
Trying to squeeze the universe into this body
‘It just doesn’t fit,’ I sobbed.

It looks like I am someone
But really I am stardust
Galactic debris from distant planets
All squeezed together
Into this little old me

There are times
When I get real quiet
Or in moments of great torment
And I cast my gaze to my true home
Out there in eternity
In the emptiness
The silence
The formless

And upon remembering my true home
I am reminded that
These three score years and ten
This life held captive by time
Means nothing
And that’s ok

It doesn’t need to mean anything
The search for meaning
The big WHY
Is probably one of man’s greatest torments
Yet also one of his most powerful
Driving forces

Oh! man and woman
You have got it so wrong
To forget your eternal nature
And become lost in your imagination
Your life is a dream
And not what it seems
A simple error
Has given rise to a monster

And now it’s time
For each of us to remember
Our essence
And bow to the eternal in each other
And in ourselves.

The Time World

We are bound by invisible chains
We call them seconds, minutes, hours, days and years
We arrived here from a timeless dimension
Innocent and naive
And destined for departure from the time world
Our pristine brilliance
Of no body, no self, no thing
Became corrupted
By our senses
And the veil came down upon us
All we know is time
It has us completely enslaved
Our very thinking is based on it
Everything and everyone is trapped
Like prisoners in time itself
With death the only escape
And each of us meets time
At the end he shakes our hand, kisses our cheek
And ushers us away

Only the master, the awakened one
The wise sage
Can see the illusion
And yet we live in the days
When many are beginning to see the light
All our eyes are opening
To something new and unseen
For many the illusion is too great
And the attachment too strong
They clutch and grab for power
Desparate to cling hold of that
Which is crumbling to dust
Before their very eyes

Don’t be fooled by time my brother and sister
Don’t be conned by your own perception
There is something vast everywhere
Inside and outside
It is here now, in this micro moment
At the edge of your senses
Through the door of the unknown

To be in this world
But not of it
To know it as a dream
But to live it fully anyway
To cherish each fleeting moment
But to stand outside time
This is wisdom
And unconditional love

Time is real…..but not that real.


worrying about nothing

when i realized
i was worrying about
i started laughing

you see most of my worrying
was about something
that never happened
some future event
predicted vaguely
by a cautious mind

but experience stepped in
and reminded me
that nearly everything
mind worried about
never actually happened

and that meant
i spent much of my valuable time
here on earth
worrying about nothing

oh! what a fool i felt
and, for a moment,
all the worry

and then, like a demon
that will not die,
i started to worry
about how much time
i had wasted worrying…

life….is….exhausting….and quite amusing.

Past and Future are Ghosts

Past and future are ghosts
That haunt the present
They taunt and tease
And rattle their chains
The past threatens to revisit you
With all its horrors
And the future hangs over your head
With its foreboding cry
But if you ask either of these phantoms
To show themselves
They cannot, and they vanish
Into the void from which they came.
They are not real,
Yet we give them all
Our attention.
Be done with them
Now and now and now
And give your allegiance
To the present moment.

there is no Monday

Monday is an abstract human invention
created out of necessity
don’t let it rule your life
don’t let time rule your life

there is no Monday
to any creature on this wondrous planet
apart from us
your dog, cat or fish
have no idea its a Monday 
the spider isn’t upset
about spinning its web
because its Monday
and the squirrel
doesn’t complain
about the endless Mondays
and how bad they make him feel

but we measure the movement of our lives
by which day of the week
it is

sometimes i see that the systems we built 
to make life easier
have become our prisons

don’t let time rule your life
live as free as you can
in the matrix


time is the greatest thief

time will steal everything you own
it will take your loved ones
your possessions
and your body
it will not stop
until everything has gone
time has an insatiable thirst
to devour life itself
it lives on existence
and never stops its feeding frenzy

and yet when you try and find
the greatest villain of all 
you will find nothing
but an illusion

oh! time
you are such a trickster
you exist
and you don’t exist
how is that possible?

you stop my feverish mind
in it’s tracks.
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