there is no Monday

Monday is an abstract human invention
created out of necessity
don’t let it rule your life
don’t let time rule your life

there is no Monday
to any creature on this wondrous planet
apart from us
your dog, cat or fish
have no idea its a Monday 
the spider isn’t upset
about spinning its web
because its Monday
and the squirrel
doesn’t complain
about the endless Mondays
and how bad they make him feel

but we measure the movement of our lives
by which day of the week
it is

sometimes i see that the systems we built 
to make life easier
have become our prisons

don’t let time rule your life
live as free as you can
in the matrix


time is the greatest thief

time will steal everything you own
it will take your loved ones
your possessions
and your body
it will not stop
until everything has gone
time has an insatiable thirst
to devour life itself
it lives on existence
and never stops its feeding frenzy

and yet when you try and find
the greatest villain of all 
you will find nothing
but an illusion

oh! time
you are such a trickster
you exist
and you don’t exist
how is that possible?

you stop my feverish mind
in it’s tracks.
Religion and Nature