No Transformation Without the Heart

There can be no transformation
Without the heart becoming involved
There are defensive structures
We have unconsciously built
Around our innocence and vulnerability
At one time necessary for our survival
They have become part of our life
And we are often ruled by these defenses

If the path of transformation calls us
It may well, at first, engage the mind
(Although secretly it is the heart driving us)
But if we stay on the level of the mind
Nothing much changes apart from understanding

Thus at some point that heart,
That which lies behind the defended wall,
Must become involved
This is when things get juicy
And painful, and sometimes wild
And often scary

Some of our lost innocence must be rediscovered
And we could do with a little vulnerability
Worn with grace and nobility
There is no weakness in this
In fact it is our great strength.

Image by chezbeate from Pixabay

Inner Authority is NOT For Sale

Don’t give yourself away any longer
Don’t yield your authority
When it calls you so deeply
Don’t abdicate your responsibility to your truth
Find your inner ground and stand on it

The truth is in your deeper most you know it
But you keep giving yourself away
As though you don’t know best
As though you don’t know yourself
As though you can’t trust yourself
But you DO know yourself
And you CAN trust yourself
You are just scared
To stand in your truth,
For your truth
So it’s easier to give it away
But it doesn’t make you feel good
In fact it hurts like hell
So stop it
No-one knows you better than you
And at some point you have to meet the world fully
As yourself

If you spend your life giving away your authority
You will have spent your life living as a ghost
Not really here
Half the spiritual search is for inner authority
It’s a commitment to your inner most self
To stop giving yourself away
A sign of the deepest love for yourself

If you don’t decide who you are
Others will decide for you.

Image by Elias Sch. from Pixabay

Your Power of Transformation

This is your time, now
Don’t look to any other
Don’t spend this precious time
Gazing backwards into the mist
Or forwards into the hope
But root yourself in presence
This presence is openness
Be so wide open, and so here,
That the world, the past, the future
All of it falls into you
As if you are a black hole
That can transform matter
Into light

For this is your essence
You have this capacity
But you are stuck in the horizontal world
Liberate yourself from the linear
Become empty, open and present
And allow the divine to use you
To transform all that comes into your orbit
To light

That is love.

Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

The Splendor of Brokenness

When you have had enough
Of the vicissitudes of life
Come here
When you have been broken
One too many times
And you are exhausted
And ready to let go
Come here
When all your searching
Has led you to a closed door
Come here
When you are beaten, broken
Bombarded and bored
Ready to give up the fight
Come here

That’s what we do here
We sit in the splendor of brokenness
And discover that which is unbroken
We don’t fix you or heal you
We don’t deny you
Or create a faith
We don’t overcome the problem

We open to the whole thing
We open so wide we become the space
Inside which everything happens
We allow the human experience
With all its pain and suffering and grief
And joy and desire and happiness
Nothing is excluded

It is a great relief
To finally let go of the struggle
And be held
And sit with others
And dance, and laugh
And cry
And sit in the silence of it all

Come, come
A thousand times. come.