The Real Journey Is Inwards

The only thing worthy of pursuit is wisdom
To know thyself intimately
Is to know others intimately
Wisdom allows us to see ourselves
In others, and to see others in us

Knowledge alone cannot bestow wisdom
There must be a journey inside
Into the shadows and the darkness
Where everything that has been left unattended
Must be met and welcomed home

Wisdom is the grail the warrior seeks
It cannot be attained
Without meeting yourself
And letting go of the world

Mind alone cannot reach wisdom
Mind and experience
The putting down of ego’s strategies
And the great descent, and rise,
Into humility
Opens the door to this great chamber

It cannot be reached by looking outwards
But only by the journey inwards.

Image by Matthew Morse from Pixabay

the search for true power

your true power comes
from the vertical dimension
of inner depth

but most seek power
from the horizontal dimension
of past and future

and find nothing but tyranny and pain.

we must sacrifice ourselves on the cross
of the horizontal and vertical
as jesus did
the ego must be sacrificed
to god and divine will.

it’s tricky
for the ego mind is tenacious
and can pretend it has found the way

we call it religion

but no church can lead you to awakening
that is a journey
between you alone and god

the sacrifice must be voluntary.
The Deep Sea Diver