from silent stillness

from silent stillness

came form
and to silent stillness
form will return

everything you think
say and do
is that form
but your true and permanent home
is silent

i am done talking
for today
it makes me so weary
and words
always fall short

please leave silently
and do not slam
the door
on your way out

Dawn Brings Form

Dawn brings form
To the empty nothingness
Of night

How could we know this
Unless we are this also?

Form is your thought and deed
And the empty nothingness
Is absolute consciousness
Out of which all things
Emerge and to which
All things return

You Are That


the time of zen

the-walkwayI walk the early morning streets alone
In silent contemplation
And emptiness
There is such a beautiful feeling
That pervades this time
As if nothing really matters
But it itself

It is the time of zen
Simple yet perfect

Few words are needed 
At this time
And each one falls humbly 
To the ground
And disappears

cherish every experience

at such a time 

as this
it is easy
to tighten up
and slip into
old habits

but staying open
and relaxed
and enjoying
the journey
brings such blessing

i learned
from my wife
the art of
every experience
even those
that come
like a storm
and those 
that appear to
one’s existence.



The Garden is Beautiful

We are dancing in an endless ocean of love
Swimming with the beautiful ones
Unlocking the door to Eternity
Feeling the breath of the ecstatic wind
Tasting some nectar
Catching a glimpse of the sun
As it pours out its light
For the lovers of the world.

The Garden is beautiful
Tonight, because you are in it.

View from a house in Costa Rica
View from a house in Costa Rica



let go the steely grip of control

let go the tight grip
you have
around your life
it is not your slave
or your enemy
it is not even yours!
hold your life
as you would
a small child
full of potential
and wide eyed openness.

you do not write
the book of your life
you are a poem
being written
a song being sung
and all this
and grasping
and squeezing
does nothing
but cause pain.

why not let go
and see your life
as a glorious
of darkness 
and light,
of joy and sorrow,
a dance of form
in emptiness.

this is freedom.
wall shadows Early morning shadows copy

The Teaching of the Eucalyptus

My lover and I
Sat once,
Under the weeping
Eucalyptus tree
On a starry summer night
So still
Even the ocean
Was silent.

We turned
To the tree
As the tree
Turned its leaves
Towards us.

We recognised
Something in
Each other,
Beyond words
And description,
Time and space.

‘What is the meaning
Of life?’ we asked.
And the tree smiled
An ever knowing smile
That filled our hearts
And stilled our

In those moments
We knew the answer
And never asked
The question again.
rainbow eucalyptus tree small img_7279