Everything Wants To Come Home

All hard edges
Dissolving into acceptance
Unable to maintain any defense
His imagined borders,
Built on wounding,
Crumbled to dust

All that energy wasted on nothing
His obsession with being right
Inherited from a victorian father
How many generations driven by the same fear
All this to let go of

When we stop the game
When we say ‘no more’
When we would willingly die
Rather than maintain the defended self
The righteous self
The imagined self

When that happens deeper and deeper
The whole of life
All generations
Everything unloved
Everything hidden
Pandora’s box
The shadows, the denial
The entire unconscious history
Of humanity
Pours in
To say
Me too, I want that love

Everything wants healing
Everything wants to come home
All we have to do is give up fighting.

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