Fear Is a Door (through which we must walk)

It has taken me all my life
To realize that fear is either a shut door
Or a door that is waiting to be opened
And once opened is the way to freedom
And even though I have only realized this
Terribly late in my life
It is better to realize it late
Than to never realize it at all

Most of us are ruled by fear
It can hide in all manner of disguises
Fear wears many masks
But always has the same affect

Friend, let me whisper in your ear
Open the door
Do what you must to open the door
Just a bit will do
Or throw it open and burst through
It doesn’t matter
Just don’t leave the door shut
Gamble on the path of the open door
I promise you it’s worth it.

Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay

In Love With Kindness

I am in love
Not with a person
But with kindness
My kindness
Or your kindness
Big acts of kindness
And small, unseen acts
I love kindness so much
It has become my life
Not in a grandiose way
But in an ordinary kind of way
It’s what I return to every day

When you see that cruelty
And everything that goes with it
Is a prison
And the only answer to the disease of cynicism is kindness
You will also fall in love

And if we all fall in love with kindness what would the world look like

And you don’t need to be rich, powerful or enlightened

You just have to fall in love
With being kind
To yourself
And to the world.

Love Changes You

Love changes you
If it doesn’t change you
It’s not the deepest love

Truth changes you
If it doesn’t change you
It’s not the deepest truth

Neither of these are of the mind
They are not beliefs
They are not fleeting emotions
Or things that come and go

When you are hit by love’s truth
Or you are met with truth’s love
It changes you
It does something deep to you
It transforms you, slowly or rapidly
It changes your story
It gets into your body, your bones,
It filters into your blood, brain and heart
It shows up in relationships
And in your work

It won’t go away
It calls you, in the depth of night
It doesn’t wait until things are good
It calls you when you are in pain
Or even in conflict

Love changes you
Unless you fight with it
And then you are caught, stuck
In a kind of limbo

I say, give yourself fully
To the change
Fighting it is a fruitless exercise
For love will have the last word anyway
At the moment of your departure
It will say, ‘I was calling you all the time.’

Let it change you now
And let it keep on changing you
An ever deepening journey
Into the mystery.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Declare Your Truth

If you believe in love
Be it, be that loving one
Shower the world with love
If compassion is your thing
Live it, not when it’s convenient, but always
If kindness is your rock,
Practice enduring kindness
Even in the storm
What’s to lose?
Go beyond yourself
Stretch your limits

The more we embrace that which we value
The more of it enters our own hearts
And the world

The time of holding back is over
Now is demanding our fullness
And our willingness to stand for goodness
If that is what is true.

Image by ATDSPHOTO from Pixabay

More Free Than Family

You are a river
Searching for the vast ocean
You imagine you came from your mother
But really you came through her
And you came from
The same vast ocean
You search for

Don’t allow family to completely own your life
Our parents are the conduit
As we are the conduit for those
We give passage to
There is great honor and joy in this
And we have reason to be grateful

But we are more vast than family
And more free than family allows

Remember this.

Image by Alex Hu from Pixabay

When Realization Dawns

We imagine we are all alone
Marooned in a hostile reality
When the realization dawns
That this is an erroneous thought
Of an unexamined mind
The ripples of laughter, tears and relief
That resound throughout the universe
Create a wave that others feel in their bones
I call that love.

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay