A Simple Choice, A Lasting Fragrance

No one is better equipped
Or has greater knowledge or power
Than you
To express love or truth
Don’t underestimate yourself

What you give to the world
Can never be erased
It is left as a fragrance
That others may catch
Upon the wind

So we get to choose
What fragrance we leave
Is it love or is it fear
Anger or resentment
Can we become whole
And live as wholeness
And healed-ness
And leave that as a fragrance
For surely we are all
Standing on the shoulders
Of those who came before us
And we are drawn to
Certain fragrances

We must choose wisely
This has nothing to do
With awakening or not
It is a simple choice
Each human being can make
And every saint, sinner and despot
Makes their choice

– Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Let Me Speak To The Beauty Within

Let me speak to your dream body
And whisper words of openness
That may awaken it to remember its truth

Let me say things that stir your soul
And remind you of something
Almost forgotten
Become just a faint cry in the distance

Let me speak of beauty and grief
Of sorrow and sadness
But also of joy and love
And rekindle your inner flame
So easily extinguished in this harsh world

That small voice within
Let me encourage it and tug at it
Let me say yes you can
Even amidst the no you cannot

There is so much more to us
Than this superficial living knows
A life that dwells quietly and secretly
Below the surface
Let me speak to that
So it may come alive
And animate your every breath.

Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay

The Path of Non Judgement

To be non reactive
In a world of triggers
Is to be free
Of the shackles
That tie us down
And clip our wings

To be non reactive
Is to have no more charge
In the body mind system
No vestige of the past
Playing itself out
In the present

To be non reactive
Is to bring freedom
To not only yourself
But everyone around you

You don’t have to be awakened
To become non reactive
But you do have to be willing
To die each time
The reactive mechanism kicks in
This is the most challenging thing
And the most rewarding
Because it leads to peace

Non reactivity is ZEN
When non reactivity is reached
Choice can truly happen
Until then there is a part of us
That is pavlovian
Stuck in trigger and response
Like an animal

No…make a choice
Again and again
To meet the world
To meet your own thoughts
With equanimity
And non judgment
This is the true path
And the hardest
And the one that brings freedom.

Image by mikegi from Pixabay

Surrender To Love

I surrendered to love
And I became myself

But don’t imagine that surrender was easy
For it was an unconditional surrender
It demanded all that was false in me
All that was righteous and arrogant
All that was deceptive and manipulative
All that was hiding behind defenses built to keep danger out
And all strategies for survival of this ego self

This love I speak so much about
Is powerful and total
It’s not the new age kind of love so popular now
It can be ruthless and radical
Its ‘no’ is as big as its ‘yes’
It wants all of you, or you may as well not bother

I gave myself to that love
It showed up unexpectedly
And when I really saw love’s power
I realized it was showing up everywhere
In everyones life
There it is now, friend, can you see it?
It is all around you, in every encounter
And in every resistant thought
Behind everything is love’s invitation

I surrendered all I was to that love
And I became myself, naked and free and real
Before that I was a shadow of me
A possibility, a potential, a game player
Now that is all gone
And there are no more shadows.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

The Future Is Unknown

Here in the desert
The culmination of a long journey
Driven by longing
Held by grace
Walking an unknown path
Through hardship and darkness
Challenge and demand
Pulled by inevitability and fate
Some paths are mysterious
And beseech us to surrender everything

And thus we arrived
Far away from England’s shores
In the high desert of Santa Fe
It means holy faith
And maybe that’s why we’re here

New Mexico enchantment
Big sky with jewel stars
Adobe softness and shimmering light
Drew us from the moment we set foot here

I never expected to leave England’s gravity
I found it hard to get outside London
And I wasn’t one of life’s travelers
But something happened on the way to safety
And I got pulled into the unknown
By my beloved
Who wanted more
Who longed for adventure and destiny

Thus we set sail into the void
And here we are
The Enchanted Land
Hot, dry, mysterious, old, artistic,
Quixotic, quirky and familiar
There is something alive in the ground here
In the sky and in the air

Never imagine you know what’s up ahead
You don’t
And if there is something, or somewhere,
Calling you, serve that voice,
It may have your destiny written into it.


The Resolution of Ancestral Wounds.

Each of us, on a certain level,
Is the result of an ancestral wave
Part of a chain that goes back
Into the darkness of history
Our ancestry was wounded
Traumatized, and rooted in survival needs
Our very DNA, our nervous systems,
Carry this memory imprint
And we inherit many ancestral wounds and traits
And, as our own lives are wounded and traumatized,
We cannot see any difference between who we are
And what we inherit
And it all becomes part of the same unconscious
Bag of stuff we pass on generation after generation
This ancestral karma, the passing on of trauma,
Can only function in unconsciousness
And the seeking of awakening
In this world, by so many people,
Is actually the seeking of resolution
Of ancestral wounds

Awakening is the resolution
Of the emotional and inherited
Personal beliefs and ancestral trauma
We learn to make our own

It is the restoration to a kind of innocence
That is inherent to all humans
Not a special accolade of the few chosen ones

A mass awakening is the momentum happening
And all this confusion in our world
Is the unravelling of the ancestral wounds
Traumas and false beliefs
That has driven humanity for centuries

It’s time for HUMANITY 2.01.

Image by RÜŞTÜ BOZKUŞ from Pixabay

Testify For Love

I am done with all this flapping on the surface
If you can’t meet me in the deepest
Please don’t meet me at all
It hurts too much
To see you struggling to breathe
While you flap around
With this preoccupation of self

Please, meet me in the deepest,
It will nourish you and feed you
Yes, at first it might hurt
And bring up fears and regrets
Even shame and grief
But you will be alive
Really feeling something
And not lost in the denial of the waves
Come on, let’s go!

This is the time for truth tellers
To rise up and take a stand for love
Join us, and be done with all this surface living,
I know you can do it
You just need the willingness and the desire
The courage and the opportunity

This is it, now, today, here in this moment
Become open, become tender, reveal yourself
Take the stand, testify for love
It’s all we really have
To testify or not.

Photo by Julentto Photography on Unsplash

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