(We will need it in 2023)

The spiritual journey
Is not composed of just
Acceptance and grace
It is not all love and light
And effortless opening
To the majestic beauty of it all

Oh no…

Sometimes you have to
Get down on your knees
And dig in the dirt
And in the crap of it all
It can be a snotty tearful mess
In fact it may feel wretched
And you might rail at god
And life itself
For the injustice
It’s not all sweetness and joy
It can get very messy

And you may need some resilience
You may find yourself
Hanging on for dear life
By your finger nails
Even questioning your sanity
Rock bottom

And you may need resilience
The resilience to keep on walking
Without even knowing where you’re going
In the darkness
In the mess
In the tears and the anger
Just that resilient willingness
To persist
To just keep on walking
Because you can

This resilience does something
It forges something within
Like a blade
It’s almost a hidden quality
On the spiritual path
Neglected in all this talk
Of surrender and acceptance

Dig deep, fly high
Even when it’s a mess.

First posted 2019

  • Image by Shereef shokry from Pixabay

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