The beloved chose you
To pour itself into existence
But you keep looking
For something to fill
An imagined hole in you.
There is no hole.

Whenever a heart breaks open
There is a divine celebration
For someone has remembered their humanity.

The armor we wear
Donned in the early years
Solidified over time
Once our protector
Now become a prison
Locked in syndrome
Driven mad by our wounds
Acting out grievances
The pain body

All this must be liberated
On the true spiritual journey.

There is a natural intelligence
That speaks a secret language
You can only hear it, and feel it,
When you stop trying to fill all the gaps
When you get very quiet and utterly still
And listen without thinking.

The true human being
Has undone everything
And made no attempt
To do it all up again

They live from emptiness
The most beautiful grace of all.

Oh! what a wondrous journey is this
That takes us high and low
That strips us away to what we truly are
That calls us to meet ourselves
Deeper and deeper
That invites us to embrace
Every unloved part of ourselves
Until we arrive
At the place we never really left.

There is no deception
Greater than
The illusion of separation.

The humble and penniless hermit
Who lives content in solitude in the woods
Able to face him or herself
Has more true power and wisdom
Than the king of the heap
For they have harnessed
The silence and stillness of their being.

Relaxing into being,

Seeing the waves
Rise and fall,

Breathing with
The rhythm of life,

Feeling the heartbeat
Of existence,

Presence arises
By itself

There is no doer.

Befriend your monsters
And inner demons
Meet them with the open arms of love
Take a deep breath and say
‘Welcome home, I’ve missed you,’

And see what gifts they bring
And what hidden powers they have for you

Often it’s the resistance itself
That causes the suffering.


When you open your inner pandora’s box
Expecting a thousand ghosts and ghouls
And all manner of horrors to be released

You discover ten thousand butterflies
That have been trapped in a cage
And all you ever felt
Was the flapping of their fragile wings
As they begged for their release.

This has been one of my most liked poems for a while across the social media platforms. I think it speaks to something deeply within all of us. Maybe it relaxes some inner tension and brings some positivity to what we go through on the path of transformation.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it for a moment. x


Give up trying to bargain with life
Or overcome it
Existence has all the cards
And you won’t win that game
Just meet it naked and open
Throw your righteous ego away
Bow down in dignified humility
And life will melt into you
And soften you up

Image by NoName_13 from Pixabay


We must never doubt the power of love as it moves through us and through our world. It is the fragrance of the garden. It holds everything, even in the suffering and division. It is beyond time. It is our true breath.
Thanks for reading.


Become one who never forgets
Their eternal nature
Who who allows the waves to be as they are
And stays at peace
Even in the turbulence.

Love destroyed all falseness
And left me open and tender
No self left to defend

Slowly I adjusted to life
And learned to live fully
From this deepest place
In the world
But not of the world

The beloved is alive
Everywhere and always
What death is there
To be afraid of?

The lover lays down his ego
And bathes in surrender and humility
He gave up the idea of a world
Separate or outside him
And willingly, if painfully, yielded to life
In existence he saw the beloved
His true lover
And as he offered himself naked
So he was reborn as existence itself

You are a portal
Through which
The cosmic universe
Awakens and manifests.

Become a master of your inner world
But it does not happen by accident
It happens through endeavor and willingness
It happens through inquiry and humility
Through opening the heart when it feels closed
And meeting all the demons and ghosts
That have haunted us for years.

The greatest trick of all
Is the one that says
The world
Is something outside us.

Love’s invitation
Is everywhere
Stop wondering
Whether you are worthy
The invitation includes you
No need to wait any more.

Heart wide open
Mind empty as sky
Deep as the ocean
High as the heavens
No limit and no resistance
In grief, sorrow and suffering
In joy and delight
He danced
Knowing he was already home.

Be the facilitator
Not the doer
Realize that
The universe is intelligent.

Surf the phenomenal world
With great tenderness
And compassion
You and the world are one
And the way you treat it
Is the way you treat yourself.


Pierce this heart to the core
I no longer care for civility
Or behaving myself
Let what is deep inside
Flow out into the world
And flood the barrenness

What is everyone so afraid of
Love is not to be feared
It’s lack of love
That should be feared

Pierce this heart to the core
And see the sorrow
And the grief
See the joy and the beauty
Flow out like a never ending river
Be done with all this pretense
Only the wetness of love matters

Let life go all the way in
No more holding it all back
Keeping it all together
Playing the safe game
Let it in
Allow love to flow
In and out
It’s what you are for
It’s who you are
Beyond the surface dance

And now is the time
Not soon
Not when you are ready
When things are a little better
And you are more prepared
But now, and now, and now.

Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay


Why hide what gives you your uniqueness?
The tree grows majestically
With its knots and gnarls
And you cannot tell what is wound
And what is beauty

Be unafraid of your cracks and wounds
They are your account of growth
Wear them with dignity and humble majesty.

Image by RegalShave from Pixabay


(We will need it in 2023)

The spiritual journey
Is not composed of just
Acceptance and grace
It is not all love and light
And effortless opening
To the majestic beauty of it all

Oh no…

Sometimes you have to
Get down on your knees
And dig in the dirt
And in the crap of it all
It can be a snotty tearful mess
In fact it may feel wretched
And you might rail at god
And life itself
For the injustice
It’s not all sweetness and joy
It can get very messy

And you may need some resilience
You may find yourself
Hanging on for dear life
By your finger nails
Even questioning your sanity
Rock bottom

And you may need resilience
The resilience to keep on walking
Without even knowing where you’re going
In the darkness
In the mess
In the tears and the anger
Just that resilient willingness
To persist
To just keep on walking
Because you can

This resilience does something
It forges something within
Like a blade
It’s almost a hidden quality
On the spiritual path
Neglected in all this talk
Of surrender and acceptance

Dig deep, fly high
Even when it’s a mess.

First posted 2019

  • Image by Shereef shokry from Pixabay