The Night Sky In My Heart

When everyone else
Is out fighting each other
And arguing about who is right
And who is wrong
Caught in an endless war
Of human against human
Elevating themselves
Or someone else
And tearing them from the pedestal

You will find me here
Sitting quietly
Strumming a guitar
Or reading the story
Of the zen farmer
Or maybe watching the stars
In the night sky
Looking out at millions,
Billions of years
Of coming and going

And when I do venture out
Amidst the squabbling and argument
I will do my very best
To take the zen farmer with me
To carry the night sky in my heart
And the stars in my eyes
I will be that old guitar
And maybe, just maybe,
I will be the music
The universe sings
And bring a peaceful song
To all the people I meet.

Into the Unknown

Don’t try and catch me
When I fall
I’m falling by choice
But you might get hurt when you land,’ you said
Don’t worry, I replied, there is no ground
This falling is without end
Falling itself is the only ground

Choosing the unknown
Turning away from mind’s constant need to know
Mind’s constant reassurance
And our addiction to certainty
Sends us into a tail spin
Even a panic

What happens if I let go completely!’ you scream,
Will I die?’ you beg

Try it and find out
Give up your knowledge for a moment
Turn away from your certainty
Fall into doubt
But you must do it fully
Fall into the unknown, keep your hands by your side,
And don’t clutch to anything
If you land somewhere
Some ledge of certainty
You have probably grasped at some false hope
Jump again!

There is no ground friend
And the unknown is your liberation
But on the way down
Your mind’s tyrannous nature
Will beg and scream and cry and threaten
And that’s where your work is
Right there on the ragged edge
As you fall
It’s a beautiful death.

The Infinite Speaks Its Name

you are the universe
in fragile form
a moment in eternity
an expression of the infinite
who you are
what you say
and what you do
is the infinite
speaking itself
to itself
the formless utters its name
through you
and there is nothing
you have to prove or do
achieve or conquer
that changes this ineffable truth
it is the secret wonder
of this great mystery.

This Great Vulnerability

Oh! this great vulnerability
That underpins all action
And all thought

We are so vulnerable
Having arrived, seemingly unbidden,
And thrust mercilessly into the arms
Of strangers
Who claim ownership of us
And mold us, bend us and entangle us

We who came from god knows where
To this mystery of god knows what

At either end of the delicate thread of time
Lies eternity
And here we are
Desperate to make sense of it
Terrified of existence
And terrified of non existence

We have no idea why we are here
So we busy ourselves
With loving and tormenting
Ourselves and each other
Pretending our lives have meaning
But underneath
We have no idea what is going on

We are vulnerable children
At the mercy of forces
We do not understand
Apparently alone in a bewildering universe
That stretches to eternity
On a tiny ball spinning through space
That we cannot leave

We are so vulnerable
And we need each other
We need to be able to stare into each others eyes
And cry and laugh and scream
At the madness of finding ourselves
Alive without knowing why.

The Existentialists Time – 5am

Often I get up before dawn
Silently creeping from the warm bed
Where my beloved lays sleeping
I wander the emptiness for a while
Without any focus, nothing in particular
And then I make coffee
And sit
There is such sweet delight to sit
Before the world starts
And allow whatever words to fall out
And if nothing should happen
Well that’s ok as well

This pre dawn
This time before the world
Is the existentialists time
Alone and silent, before birth
Just this pure emptiness
Filled with creativity
Knowing the inevitable, unstoppable
Rising of the day
Powerless in the face of time

And thus, in no time at all,
Did 6am roll around
And pretty soon his beloved emerged
Yawning and smiling her delight
As the sun peeked over the horizon
And the wave rolled on

Ah! time is such a blessing
And a curse.

Open so wide the World finds its HOME

The snow fell in Santa Fe
And drew us inside
I stayed close to myself
And allowed a soft quietness
To flow into everything
A peaceful acceptance descended upon me
And in that peace I remembered you all
And as I sit here now
I hold you in a loving embrace

Everything is allowed
In this heart
I will not turn away from darkness
Or the wounds of the past
I will not turn away
From pain or suffering
Whether it is my own
Or yours

But will open so wide
The whole world
Will find it’s home
And come to rest
And, just for a moment,
Before all activity starts again,
We can simply be here
In this silence
And witness the beauty
Of eternity
In each others eyes and hearts

This is the love that heals
And only love heals the world.