The Dying Fire of Patriarchy

Since I arrived on this planet
Near 60 years ago
I have been puzzled and perplexed
By many things Man does and is
But none more so
Than his enduring and historic contempt of Woman
I admit I have failed in this regard
For I have always seen Woman
In her truth and in her power
As far superior to Man
I don’t mean the modern Woman
Who has been corrupted and made small and guilty
By a thousand years of suppression
I mean Woman in her essence and wisdom
In touch with her nature

Maybe this is what he fears
For he knows somewhere deep inside
That service to the feminine
Within and without
Means surrendering his willful ego
And becoming a servant to love

Man is still an infant
Furious at Mommy
Terrified of that which unites us all
And that which births each of us
Is Woman

The way of the future,
If there is one,
Is with Woman’s wisdom
With her natural tendency to care, compassion and openness
With her wrathful, Kali love
And only when Man surrender his obsession with power
His terror of Woman
And his righteousness
Or it is wrestled from him
And Woman remembers herself
Will change happen

These men who tyrannize Woman
Who demean and oppress
They do not speak for me
I have no fear of Woman
What I fear is Man’s ignorance
And bigotry
And his relentless attempts
To maintain the dying fire of Patriarchy

This life could be a wondrous dance
A play of form
And we could each play our part
Man AND Woman
Yin AND Yang
Equal and Open
Not one more powerful
But each in their power and wisdom…

I am a dreamer longing for a peaceful future

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