We Are Drowning

And as we drown
On the existential level
As our very heart
Is invalidated and brushed aside
We die to beauty and tenderness
This world will kill us
Not in the way we imagine
But it will kill our souls
It will make us weary
Always fighting each other
Over troubles we have created ourselves

We are drowning
And without a shift in the way we are
Without a radical change in consciousness
We will drown
We are a tired and angry species
Born for love
Lost in confusion
The heart hangs on by a thread
While fear runs its rampant course

Our butterfly moment
When the old dies
But the new has not yet arrived
We must endure our drowning
And each of us who is called
Must find their way through the darkness
To the light of truth
Each soul that wakes up
Carries a torch that is passed
From one to another to another
Until momentum takes over
And it carries itself

Maybe this is what it takes
For us to change our tired old ways.

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

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