With Love’s Eyes

If we could see with love’s eyes
What a world we might see

Not the conditioned kind of love
That needs things to be a certain way
But a love that sees things as they are
And loves anyway
Because love is it’s nature

Beyond the fragile clamoring of emboldened ego
Beneath the thrashing monster of self
Far below the twisted stories we tell ourselves
Is love’s pure water
Still there, even after all this time
Still innocent, even after all this time

Innocence, like love
Doesn’t disappear
It just gets covered over and hidden
By years, by centuries
Of survivalism and story telling
By wounds and traumas
By all our needs and desires

But there it waits
The fresh water of renewal and rebirth

Innocence, like love
Doesn’t need us
But we need it.

Photo by Christian Joudrey on Unsplash

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