The End of the Story

Each of us carries a great tale
No one escapes a story
It’s part of the human experience

But some leave their story behind
And let it go
They see it as the stuff from which
Transformation happens

And some hang on to it
Unable to shake it off
Many remain defined by it their whole lives
And suffer terribly

When we see ourselves in each other
We don’t just see the divine
We also see each other’s story
Hurt, wounds and pain
We see the very human side

At some point in the great journey
You get faced with the decision
To let it all go, forgive yourself
And the whole damn thing
Or hang on to it
And stay where you are

That decision might need to be made
Over and over again
Until, with great persistence and grace
The decision itself no longer needs
To be made

When you look back on the past
And it no longer has any charge, or any heaviness
And no victim
It’s done

There is great freedom in this
Enough freedom to match
Any of this so called

Alcatraz and San Francisco

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