Testify For Love

I am done with all this flapping on the surface
If you can’t meet me in the deepest
Please don’t meet me at all
It hurts too much
To see you struggling to breathe
While you flap around
With this preoccupation of self

Please, meet me in the deepest,
It will nourish you and feed you
Yes, at first it might hurt
And bring up fears and regrets
Even shame and grief
But you will be alive
Really feeling something
And not lost in the denial of the waves
Come on, let’s go!

This is the time for truth tellers
To rise up and take a stand for love
Join us, and be done with all this surface living,
I know you can do it
You just need the willingness and the desire
The courage and the opportunity

This is it, now, today, here in this moment
Become open, become tender, reveal yourself
Take the stand, testify for love
It’s all we really have
To testify or not.

Photo by Julentto Photography on Unsplash

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